Monday, August 13, 2012

Thank God for weekends...

This weekend a lot of projects got done between friends and family. First of all, I finished these pillows up Friday evening. This blue and white Hawaiian applique is for the bedroom.
It will go with the new quilt so well. It should as I used the same fabrics.

The redwork pillow is for the couch in the living room now I just need to get the redwork wallhanging quilted so I can hang it up.
This is a free pattern that was offered on by Alex Anderson.

On Saturday, I went to Tina's house to help her and Essie paint barn signs. Have you seen the big painted quilt blocks hanging on the sides of barns? Well that is what we were doing. Essie got the plywood, had it cut so they were 4' X 4', primered them ahead of time so that we were ready to draft out the designs and start painting. Essie wanted to do flying geese and use the color salmon to honor her mother. She was so animated as she added the colors and just loved the whole process. Here she is working on it and admiring the colors, they worked so well together.
Here is her finished block.
Isn't it gorgeous? She did a great job.

When Tina told me she was going to be making a sign too I asked her what block she would be doing and before she even answered me I knew what she was going to say. The Lone Star is her favorite, she has made this so many times over and here she knocked it out of the park again.
She used her favorite football team's colors and it turned out beautiful.
She even has it hung already, the over-achiever that she is. LOL. Doesn't it look fantastic on her barn?
She even put another coat of stain on the barn door before she hung the sign so she wouldn't have to take it down later to do it.
During the entire painting process we kept saying "You won't be able to see that going by at 55 MPH." But I know you won't see any mistakes going by at 10 MPH either. They both turned out so clean and crisp and guess who will be making one very soon. Yep, I want one too. I have decided to do....Drum Roll please....A Mariner's Compass....It will go on DH's workshop and that was the first quilt I made for him, A Mariner's Compass.

My mother-in-law moved back in with us over the weekend so she has been trying to get settled in. We went to church together and on the way home I got a text from DS saying he was back up here this weekend as he had plumbing problems at his apartment so he and his sweetest ever girlfriend were able to come have lunch with us at a local restaurant. He fixed grandma's TV for her and fixed a picture frame that he made too. So all in all, a lot of people got a lot of minor and bigger projects done. Also last evening M-i-l got involved in a sewing project for a dear friend of hers so she did some creative work too.

Today, I am going to try to put 4 bobbins into that large quilt I am quilting since I did not work on it over the weekend at all. I also plan to put another quilt on the longarm frame so that when I need a break from the intense quilting of the big quilt, I can do some loose less intense quilting.

I have a wonderful story to tell you but I will leave that till tomorrow as this post is getting a bit lengthy as it is so come back tomorrow to find out how God provides for our needs.

Have a great day and remember to acknowledge all of those small tasks that you get done here and there. They might not look like they are anything great but when you add them all up you see a great accomplishment that occurs when all of these smaller accomplishments are combined together.


tina said...

What a full weekend. Sounds like we all had a productive time. I also took two loads (shelves and totes with deans skinny pants) up to the barn for storage. Spare room is almost cleaned out again, and ready for guests. Thanks for all the mixing you did. The colors were beautiful. Cant wait to do yours and Debs

Cindy said...

It will be so much fun. I can't wait either.