Thursday, March 18, 2010

Projects that are finished

Well, I don't have much in the way of pictures but I have been busy busy busy quilting up a storm.  I finished quilting a queen sized block of the month quilt for a local shop owner and from her response I think she was pleased.  The shop is Shaffer's Countryside Quilting and Judy has an amazing shop.  Lots of activity going on there.  She was preparing to go to a show and wanted the quilt to be ready to take to it, which is going on right now.  After I finished her quilt, I finished up two small baby quilts for a customer and she also was thrilled.  I got a big hug from her when she picked them up. 

Lindsey's quilt is coming along quite well and I have the most difficult part done.  I have it resting on my laundry folding table the edge hanging off the edge of the table so that as I am working on another project I can take a look up and get some ideas on how to finish it up.  Several ideas have been running around in my head so I just have to settle on something but for now...

 I am working on our quilt groups raffle quilt for this year.  Our group is The IQ Quilters.  We are not an official guild but we do have an annual quilt show which is the last weekend in September.  We are a rather small group, somewhere in the teens in members, and it is an invitation only group.  Anyways, the quilt this year is a gorgeous French Braid design in stained glass colors.  It is beautiful and I feel honored to have been chosen to quilt this fantastic quilt.  I got quite a bit done on it yesterday and am now getting into the fun part of the quilting.  There will be a extra surprise on the back of the quilt as the thread work is going to make an awesome colorful design on the back.

I will have some photos to add soon.  I have been so busy quilting that I haven't had time to do too much else. 

Lindsey and Katie will be home this weekend.  Lindsey is on spring break from the Air Force Academy and will be home to do some wedding preparations/planning, and Katie is throwing Lindsey's bridal shower this weekend.  I hope that we have a nice day. 

Lots to do with so little time to get it done.  I best be getting back to work.