Friday, May 18, 2012

More than enough...

It's Friday. Yeah. Tomorrow is a fun road trip for our quilt group. We always have a lot of fun when we get together. I heard that the weather is also supposed to be beautiful so another great bonus. God is so good to give us good friends to encourage us and lift us up when we need it and to have some good times together. I really do not believe God frowns upon us when we are enjoying ourselves, that He is waiting to smack us if we start to have too much fun. We need to keep our activities worthwhile and not just do what ever our fleshly desires pull us towards. An example would be not to spend money that I don't have on more fabric that I don't need just because I have to have it but He is not against me finding a great deal on something that will improve life or help someone else out.

I have come to the point in my life that I don't need to have all the latest stuff, the newest fashion trends, the fastest cell phone, the best of anything. I am content with what I have, and I can admire something that someone else has without desiring it for myself. Yes, I have needs, but I am learning to let God supply them and not get all wrapped up in trying to get them for myself. A good example of this is the new living room furniture we got recently. We gave our old sofa to our son for his apartment. He took it several weeks ago and I had been searching online and store shopping for several months for something that I loved, not just liked. Well, our living room was bare for a couple weeks and I decided that I wasn't going to look for it anymore. God would have to provide the perfect sofa. I knew what I didn't want but couldn't find much that I did want. So one day, DH calls me just after he left for work and told me to check out Craigslist. There was a set just advertised the day before and it might be something I would like. Long story short, checked it out, it far exceeded what I had hoped for, it was used but it didn't have a scuff mark or any wear on it at all, a sofa and love seat for less than I could have gotten just the sofa for, (heck probably cheaper than the love seat, if new.)

(Photo of the love seat.) We brought it home and it fits beautifully and looks great. This reminds me of the scripture: Philippians 4:19 And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.
Do you believe that He cares enough about you to help you, like He helped me find the sofa that I desired, get what you most desire? God is a good God, He is love. How can we honestly think that He doesn't care about what happens to us. Sometimes we are just too stubborn to ask for His help until we are completely at our last wit's end. Why do we do that to ourselves? Here I am content with less and God gives me the best. I love my new sofa and love seat but not more than I love the One who provided it for me. I love my God and Jesus His awesome Son. He makes life worthwhile, considering He is the one who made this life for us. He is life. If you have less life than you want then go to the author of life and get some of His. He loves you with an amazing love that never fails.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank God for the life you have. Let Him reveal to you the life He wants you to have because my friend it will be "...exceedingly, abudantly, above and beyond all you could ever hope ask or think of." Ephesians 3:20

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Progress made...

I worked long and hard yesterday on the t-shirt quilt and I got all the colored t-shirts pieced together. It is like a jigsaw puzzle trying to get all the different sized pieces sewn together to make a cohesive and attractive top. I have not yet added the borders since I am not sure just how large the other side made up of the black and white t-shirts will be. I would like to keep them roughly the same size internally (the t-shirt part) and adjust the outer border on which ever one needs to be made a little larger in order to get it on the frame to quilt. Here is a picture of what I have done so far.

Here are a few picturesof my Mother's day gifts. DS came home last weekend and carried this beauty in for me. I thanked his girl-friend because I knew that she had a lot to do with prompting him to get it for me (I also thanked him.)

I told him he did good. He even remembered that my favorite color is purple. What a guy. Thanks Dan.

When we came home from dinner Saturday night this was sitting on the door step. It is from DD in Hawaii.
I also got phone calls from all of the kids on Sunday.

I have one more gift that I received. It is from DD in Texas.

It is a beautiful photo album of our trip to Bermuda the summer of 2010. She put it together on Shutterfly. The quality of the photos are beautiful and it is such a great keepsake of a wonderful trip together.

Thank you all for such a great Mother's Day. I even got a free ice cream sundae at the local twin kiss. I forgot to mention that I was also invited by DS to go to the local winery with him, his girl-friend and her parents. We purchased their wine glass which came filled with your wine of choice and sat on the patio there and chatted. The weather cooled off rather quickly but we did not get rained upon. It was a rather full day.

Thanks everyone for the memories.

Have a great day and be thankful for some small thing today.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm back....

Well, as you can see I didn't post anything at all yesterday. I have a good reason for that. I went to Pittsburgh yesterday and spent the day with DS and his girl-friend. We had a wonderful day. I got down there and we visited, he showed me all around the apartment and all the projects that they had gotten done. The apartment now looks homey and comfortable. It is amazing what a woman's touch can do to warm up an otherwise bland utilitarian space. I think DS lived on the aircraft carrier too long and forgot how to make a space comfortable and inviting. We ran out to Target to return a previous purchase that wouldn't work for them and picked up a few things. They needed wall anchors so they could hang a wine rack and some other odds and ends. Once we got back we started lunch. He has declared himself, "The Grill Master," and he had prepared to wow me with his grilling skills. He marinated chicken breasts in Italian dressing overnight, and did roasted vegetables. He has his technique and timing down pat and presented us with a plate full of delicous juicy and very flavorful chicken and perfectly roasted potatoes, onions and peppers. It was all delicious. After lunch we chatted for a while and then we got down to some serious board game playing. The whole day was a lot of fun.

Some other things that I got done this week were, running errands for my brother who recently got out of the hospital. I picked up some groceries. Hung some curtains in the living room. Took pictures of my irises, they were beautiful this year, unfortunately they are almost spent already. I am glad I got some pictures before they are all gone. I bought some ornamental Japanese Maple trees at a local produce/plant auction and DS helped me get them planted.

My goal for today, if nothing happens to change the plans, is to work on a t-shirt quilt for a customer. I did play with the arrangement of the t-shirts for the back of this quilt over the weekend. It is going to be a double sided quilt with t-shirts on front and back. I have never done this before so I am really trying hard to figure out the best way to get the best results.

Here are some photos of the trees and my irises.

Well, that is it for today. I hope you enjoy the photos.
Have a great day and be thankful for something that you know you don't deserve.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Resting up today...

I am going to have to pass on posting today. I will be back again tomorrow if able, so keep on checking back.

Have a great day.