Friday, May 11, 2012


Yesterday was our quilt group's work day. We meet the 2nd Thursday of the month to work on what ever projects we might have. Many times we work on the raffle quilt for our quilt show held the last Saturday in September. As far as that quilt, the top is done and the backing chosen and it was passed off to me to do the quilting. It is an adorable and colorful flip flop quilt. The theme of our quilt show this year is "If the shoe fits." That brings me up to 9 quilts for others to get done and one more that I have been asked to do for the show that I don't have yet. I need to get super busy. Anyhow, my project yesterday was to work on cutting and fusing more t-shirts. I got the stack of white ones done before I left yesterday and just have the stack of black ones yet to do. Of course it was the largest stack out of the 4, but the good news is that I have 3 stacks done. Today's project is to get the black ones done, then the fun part comes of putting them all together. I would like to have this quilt done by the 21st, but I think that will be pushing it a bit. I might need another week. By the time I got home from there my energy was running on the low side, I took a short nap, around 20 minutes and felt ready to go again.

We went to pick up the new/used sofa and love seat last night so I had to move furniture around so we could get it in through the back door and into the living room. So while I had it all moved I vaccuumed the rugs good. They are in really nice shape virtually brand new, brown leather with nail head trim and curved backs. The previous owners said that they hardly ever sat in them, they had a TV room where they always hung out and so these hardly had any use. I couldn't find any scuffs or scratches on them at all (until an unfortunate bump into the stone chimney on the way out to the truck scuffed up a corner a little). Photo to come once everything is in proper place.

Well, I need to get to work early today so I can get those t-shirts done and some more projects yet to be determined done. I have been going somewhere everyday this week so I haven't been home to get my own stuff done. Tomorrow is a road trip day and so I need to get as much done today as possible.

I saw something on facebook a while back that has stuck with me and made me think. It was, "What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today?" That might not be a direct quote but that was the jist of it. So have a wonderful day and be thankful that it is Friday and the weekend is here and for what ever you know you would want to wake up with tomorrow.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A phone call yesterday...

Yesterday, as I was running my errands I got a phone call from DD. She said she had a question that she wasn't sure had an answer but she was really looking for one, I think. So I said to bring it on. I would try to answer if I could. Her question was, "How do you measure faith?" She was referring to the scripture in Matthew 17:20-21. "You don't have enough faith," Jesus told them. "I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it would move. Nothing would be impossible." Her thoughts were that we are facing lots of big problems within our extended family and she wanted to know how much faith you needed to have to overcome them. At least that is what I think she was concerned about. The wise wisdom of Mom needed to kick in to give her an answer to help her understand. Yeah, your right the wisdom did not come from me. I am reminded of scripture that says not to worry about what you will say that God will give you the words to say at the right time. So, God's words rose up in me because truly I did not know how to answer her at that moment. I told her, you can't measure faith, look at that scripture again, it says you only need the tinest speck of faith in order to produce great results, just like the mustard seed is just a speck of a seed yet it grows one of the biggest trees. She got so excited saying, "I understand it now. I like that you don't have to measure your faith, you just have to have it." By George, I think she's got it. (a little English accent there.)

My morning devotions this morning took me to Matthew 21:18-22.

In the morning, as Jesus was returning to Jerusalem, he was hungry, and he noticed a fig tree beside the road. He went over to see if there were any figs, but there were only leaves. Then he said to it, "May you never bear fruit again?" And immediately the fig tree withered up. The desciples were amazed when they saw this and asked, "How did the fig tree wither so quickly?" Then Jesus told them, "I tell you the truth, if you have faith and don't doubt, you can do things like this and much more. YOu can even say to this mountain, "May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,' and it will happen. You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it."

Faith, how does faith affect our joy? Remember our Joy filled journey.... I can see first of all, that when we face "a mountain" in our path, whether it be a health problem, or a financial problem, a relationship problem, if we have faith that God is in control (and by the way we have to hand over the control to him, I love Carrie Underwood's song, Jesus take the Wheel.) and that God loves us (really, more than we love ourselves) and that He will work everything for good to those who love Him (ask yourself if you qualify). This brings us back to joy because without the assurances that I just mentioned, joy would be pretty hard to find and especially to hold onto long term.

Have a blessed day and remember to do something kind for someone else.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Loose ends tied up or soon to be...

Yesterday, I did go and check out that sofa and loveseat combo that DH found listed on Craigslist. I told her we would take it. Now to get back to pick it up. I think we will get it tomorrow evening if the weather co-operates and it works out for them. I also did a little shopping for a new rug for living room. Looked but didn't find anything yet.

I also got one more stack of t-shirts cut apart and the interfacing ironed on and trimmed to appropriate sizes. That is the least fun part of the making of a t-shirt quilt as far as I am concerned. Although since these t-shirts are pretty much all aviation related it is fun to see the different logos and the advertising on them. It is going to be a rather large quilt I think. I still have 2 more stacks of t-shirts to prep before I can start the jigsaw puzzle work of fitting them all together into a quilt top.

Today, right now, the air-conditioner repairman is here working. Not that we need it right now but we have had a few 80 degree days already and the blower was running all day without cooling anything. We will need it soon. Then after he is done and gone, I have to get ready for a lunch date with my previous boss. I can't say "old boss" as she reminded me we weren't old. She had surgery last week so this is the time to get some quality time together. She won't be called out to the hospital for anything. Hopefully.

I need to run to Joann's to pick up more interfacing and look for some fabric to go along with this t-shirt quilt. I plan on doing that after lunch. This will be a full day by the time everything is said and done. It has been busy so far too, thus the reason for the late post. Well, anyhow, you can see that I am busy as ever and doing well. Lots to do and little time to do it all. We are here for a limited time and we must make the most of all of it. We have a mission here and we must accomplish it before our time runs out. Remember to carry that joy with you as you go through your day and think of ways that you can share the love with others.

Have a great day and be thankful for the new day to start over again.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

what I got done yesterday...

Yesterday, I started out getting all my computer work done. Well, almost. I haven't done my blog triage lessons yet, even today. I did have to make a trip into town to get a prescription filled for DH and stopped by the clinic to visit my friends. I have to stop whenever I am in town to see them. Once I got home it was lunch time already so I eat the left over salad I had in the fridge from the day before. After lunch, I made a crock pot of Spring Vegetable Soup. I have a recipe that came from Weight Watchers, but I pretty much go with what I have on hand to make it. Any vegetable is game. Brocolli, cauliflower, peppers, onion of course, cabbage, carrots, celery, I would have added zucchini if I had some, cover with chicken or vegetable stock or just plain water, season up a little with some salt, I use sea salt, and thyme and parsley. You can make this so quickly on the stove top in a big kettle, cook for 30 minutes and it is done, but I cooked mine in the crock pot so that it could do that long slow cook while I was busy down stairs in the studio. I cleaned up the kitchen once the soup was on and then headed downstairs to start working on a tshirt quilt for a customer. I finished up the laundry at the same time.

I got a lot done yesterday even though I didn't get a super early start in the studio.

I also have been giving yesterdays post a lot of thought and have some more to share coming up this week. I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to do something kind for someone today. Yesterday as I was entering Wal-Mart, I noticed a gentleman sitting on a bench, perhaps waiting for someone, or simply people watching. I smiled at him and said good morning, he smiled and seemed glad to see that someone noticed him. I spoke to him later as I went back for a cart and he was still there when I left. A smile and a word of greeting can be a great encouragement to someone who feels alone.

Have a great day.

PS. I am off to look at a leather sofa. DH just found one listed on Craiglist and I am off to check it out.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The joy of Jesus

This morning I am going to share what I read in my morning devotional time. It is called The Cross shows me the joy of Jesus. This comes from "The One Year Book of Hope" by Nancy Guthrie.

Hebrews 12:2 He was willing to die a shameful death on the cross because of the joy He knew would be His afterward.

What joy could Jesus see that enabled him to endure the pain and agony of the Cross? What joy did he know would be his? As Jesus looked ahead, he could see the joy of redemption. By paying the debt for sin, Jesus satisfied justice. It brought him joy to complete the work he was sent to do, which was to pay the price for your sin and my sin. And as he endured the Cross, your face was on his mind, and he was full of joy that the price was now paid so you could spend eternity with him.

Jesus also anticipated the joy of resurrection. He had told his followers numerous times that he would die and that he would also rise again. But they could not imagine the death, nor could they fathom resurrection. His was a shameful death-but not because of his own shame. He had never done anything to be ashamed of. He took the shame of everyone who has ever regretted things they have said or done. Imagine the shame. Yet Jesus could have true joy because he knew he would break the power of shame and death forever and offer abundant life in the place of immobilizing shame.

But Jesus is not content to keep this joy to himself. He longs to share his joy with you and me--as we are redeemed and as we anticipate resurrection--when we will be reunited with him forever. What joy!

Joyful Jesus, I am amazed at your willingness to bear my shame on the cross. Because of you, I can see the joy ahead in redemption, resurrection, and reunion. And I am humbled that you want to share this joy with me forever.

This joy that Jesus could see from this side of the cross that would be His on the other side of the cross, kept Him on task. He didn't want to go through this horrible task of being cursed at, spit upon, and brutally murdered, but in the Garden of Gethsemane he prayed, asking for this cup to be taken from Him. If there was any other way to get out of this task but ultimately He prayed "They will be done not mine." He sweat drops of blood that night, think of the agony that would cause Him to sweat drops of blood. That still did not deter Him from looking ahead to the joy that He knew was His once It was finished. His blood shed for our sins to bring great joy to Him and us. We get to partake of that great joy too. He did not do it for Himself, He did it for us.

Think about this a while and share with Him what it means to you. I love you and hope you have a great day.