Tuesday, May 8, 2012

what I got done yesterday...

Yesterday, I started out getting all my computer work done. Well, almost. I haven't done my blog triage lessons yet, even today. I did have to make a trip into town to get a prescription filled for DH and stopped by the clinic to visit my friends. I have to stop whenever I am in town to see them. Once I got home it was lunch time already so I eat the left over salad I had in the fridge from the day before. After lunch, I made a crock pot of Spring Vegetable Soup. I have a recipe that came from Weight Watchers, but I pretty much go with what I have on hand to make it. Any vegetable is game. Brocolli, cauliflower, peppers, onion of course, cabbage, carrots, celery, I would have added zucchini if I had some, cover with chicken or vegetable stock or just plain water, season up a little with some salt, I use sea salt, and thyme and parsley. You can make this so quickly on the stove top in a big kettle, cook for 30 minutes and it is done, but I cooked mine in the crock pot so that it could do that long slow cook while I was busy down stairs in the studio. I cleaned up the kitchen once the soup was on and then headed downstairs to start working on a tshirt quilt for a customer. I finished up the laundry at the same time.

I got a lot done yesterday even though I didn't get a super early start in the studio.

I also have been giving yesterdays post a lot of thought and have some more to share coming up this week. I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to do something kind for someone today. Yesterday as I was entering Wal-Mart, I noticed a gentleman sitting on a bench, perhaps waiting for someone, or simply people watching. I smiled at him and said good morning, he smiled and seemed glad to see that someone noticed him. I spoke to him later as I went back for a cart and he was still there when I left. A smile and a word of greeting can be a great encouragement to someone who feels alone.

Have a great day.

PS. I am off to look at a leather sofa. DH just found one listed on Craiglist and I am off to check it out.

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