Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Loose ends tied up or soon to be...

Yesterday, I did go and check out that sofa and loveseat combo that DH found listed on Craigslist. I told her we would take it. Now to get back to pick it up. I think we will get it tomorrow evening if the weather co-operates and it works out for them. I also did a little shopping for a new rug for living room. Looked but didn't find anything yet.

I also got one more stack of t-shirts cut apart and the interfacing ironed on and trimmed to appropriate sizes. That is the least fun part of the making of a t-shirt quilt as far as I am concerned. Although since these t-shirts are pretty much all aviation related it is fun to see the different logos and the advertising on them. It is going to be a rather large quilt I think. I still have 2 more stacks of t-shirts to prep before I can start the jigsaw puzzle work of fitting them all together into a quilt top.

Today, right now, the air-conditioner repairman is here working. Not that we need it right now but we have had a few 80 degree days already and the blower was running all day without cooling anything. We will need it soon. Then after he is done and gone, I have to get ready for a lunch date with my previous boss. I can't say "old boss" as she reminded me we weren't old. She had surgery last week so this is the time to get some quality time together. She won't be called out to the hospital for anything. Hopefully.

I need to run to Joann's to pick up more interfacing and look for some fabric to go along with this t-shirt quilt. I plan on doing that after lunch. This will be a full day by the time everything is said and done. It has been busy so far too, thus the reason for the late post. Well, anyhow, you can see that I am busy as ever and doing well. Lots to do and little time to do it all. We are here for a limited time and we must make the most of all of it. We have a mission here and we must accomplish it before our time runs out. Remember to carry that joy with you as you go through your day and think of ways that you can share the love with others.

Have a great day and be thankful for the new day to start over again.

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