Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photos of weekend...

Saturday we picked up Lindsey and Brie from the airport for I am very sure will be a very quick flying week's visit. Here we have them safely tucked into the car on the way home.
The car seat I got at the yard sale is just perfect for Brie.

Sunday morning, we ended up at church with our matching Sunday best outfits. This is funny as it was not planned. I know Lindsey had chosen her outfits for the trip but I did not know this is what she would be putting on Brie.

Brie just can't help but let her emotions show all over her face and this is her pouty face.

She likes Georgie but not so much when Georgie steals the ball right out of her hand or barks when she is real close to Brie.

Here she was trying to get a peek at what Granny Franny was doing without really letting her see that she was spying on her.

Here is Grandpa, Brie and Mommy walking in the water at the lake.
She had a great time playing in the water. She liked the sand too until she found out that it wasn't good to eat. We finally had to just remove her from the water when her lips turned purple. She wasn't going to get out on her own. Surprisingly, she didn't fuss when we packed her up to come back home.

She absolutely LOVES Dan and Stephanie. We went to dinner last evening and she had Mommy on one side of her highchair and Stephanie on the other side. Here she is showing her adoration of Dan.

Through all the activities of the weekend, we managed to get my barn block hung on the workshop.

If I had my preference the star would have come down completely and the block hung up where the star was but sometimes we have to compromise and this is ok with me. I love my barn block set on point under the star.

I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy those moments of pure joy that come in the form of kids and grandkids. It is a blessing to have them come home for a heartfelt moment, even if it is just remembering past holidays or moments in their lives that you had the good fortune to witness. May God bless you this day.