Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First client for machine quilting

My first friend/client brought me their quilt top to be quilted for her today.  It is gorgeous.  Red background floral print stack n whack into 36 octogans with black sashing strips.  The pattern is called Venetian Tiles.  It is stunning.  I got it spray basted tonight but that is all that I am doing tonight.   I am taking a short break now to recuperate from a rather busy day and week, so far.  It has been a very successful week so far. 

On another note.  We held a second day of  quilt/craft sale at work and once again we did very well.  Definitely well worth our time to take all of our creations in to work.   Hopefully, we will have enough time to make up more inventory for another craft fair in March.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sales are good!

Today at work, my friend Tina and I, had a mini craft fair.  She and I brought in all of our quilts/jewelry/purses/socks etc.etc. etc.... and we had a great response.   We both sold a lot.  Tina had a really super day.   We did learn a couple of things for next year if we chose to do this again.  We need to bring our stuff in earlier, like the end of Oct to beginning of Nov.   We need to include some more items for little girls and little boys.  We also need to get the word out a little sooner.  We had a great response though and it seemed that everyone was pleased to see what we had.  We need gather some more new ideas to for next time.  Tina's jewelry was a big hit and she also makes fleece slipper socks that were snatched up really fast.  A good return on our efforts.  We will keep this in mind for another year.    Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Quilt Idea

Sometimes you can get the best quilt ideas in the strangest places.  Today at church, during the sermon, sorry Pastor Jay, my mind wondered to a fabulous quilt to make.  Several years ago, Katie, who prefers to be called Kate now, was with one of her friends and they were playing amateur photographer, well, several of the photos are great by the way.  This one of her is of her sitting on the floor, cross legged, in a ballerina costume, the photo was taken from above and behind her.  It is softly muted and sepia toned.  Her hair is pulled back in a bun.  Very beautiful, very contemplative.  I had this thought of making that photo into a rather large wallhanging/quilt for her.  I am posting this here so that if I perchance forget this great idea, someday I will reread this post and remind myself of this great quilt yet waiting to be created.