Friday, August 17, 2012

Revived by the outdoors....

J picked up her quilts this morning, she loved them. She is so sweet and such a prolific quilter. She is heading off to a cabin retreat next week and will be taking her machine and projects along to work on so I am sure she will be calling me soon with some more to quilt for her.

The 2 new quilts that were brought to me yesterday by B are gorgeous. I know I will enjoy quilting them up. Did I ever mention that I have the best job in the world? I love to create beautiful things and to me quilting is a very meditative activity.

I plan to put 3 more bobbins into the quilt I have been slaving over quilting on all week. After I do that I will run into town to get a few groceries that I need for this weekend and on Monday when we, Tina and I, are hosting another fabric dyeing workshop. I plan on doing up a wheelbarrow full of ice dyed fabrics so that they will be ready to reveal on Monday morning. I can then put them in the washer and dryer and anyone wanting to purchase any of these can do so and if not I have more for my stash. When I get back from the store I want to put another ceiling panel on Lola and get 'er quilted up so I can get that last bare spot covered up before Monday. I would like to give the ladies a tour of my studio while they are here too.

I have a few photos of my work space yesterday to share with you. I spent quite a bit of time in the morning on the back deck doing computer work and learning some new tips on how to use my new iphone more effectively.

There was a pin on Pinterest with 40 tips for your iphone. You can sort of see that on the screne. I was trying some of them out. Ok maybe it was a lot of them. I did wastespend a lot of time but everything comes with a learning curve and sometimes you just have to set aside some time to learn this new technology.
Of course if I am outside then Georgie has to be outside with her ball too. I have to throw the ball for her.
Doesn't she look sad? She couldn't understand that I was trying to focus my attention on learning how to use my phone and couldn't throw that dang ball for the 169th time as quickly as she wanted me to.
And this photo was taken just before we took another walk last evening.
She had planned on taking the ball on the walk too.

Have a great day and take the time to learn something new today that you have been putting off.

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tina said...

Love the strike thru words. lets us know how you really feel. LOL Cant wait to see the ceiling once it is complete.