Thursday, August 16, 2012

A change of pace...

Doing something different from time to time can be the thing that renews our energy and helps us to refocus. Yesterday, I worked a little and played a lot. To start off, I finished quilting J's quilt. It is a wool applique on cotton blocks done in a 9 block arrangement.
You can't see all of the blocks well in the photo as I had it draped over the bars of the longarm machine, but I have a few detail shots of it. Here you can see one of the blocks.
I stitched around the applique shapes and then did a background fill. You can see the sashing design that I did also in this photo. Here is another one of the blocks.
The border is a somewhat free form stylized feather design.
J is going to come by this morning to pick up her 2 quilts.

I thought Georgie wanted to go outside just before lunch, so, I opened the door for her but she wouldn't go outside which was fortunate for me. As I looked out I saw this butterfly sitting on the step. I was able to take one step out the door without scaring it away and I got this photo.
I had noticed a rather large butterfly flying past the window while I was quilting several times and I think this was the one.

After lunch, I called J to let her know that her quilts were finished and then took a took a break. I had promised my M-I-L to go for a walk with her as she is to walk 20 minutes a day and work up to 30. We went to Lake Wilhelm for our walk. There is a paved trail that goes around the lake. I knew it would be easy enough for her yet challenging at the same time. The entire trail is 12 miles long. We determined to walk 15 minutes out and then 15 back. She pushed her wheelchair so that she could sit down if she got too tired. Here are some photos taken along the way. Georgie got to go along also. She likes to walk over at Wilhelm.
This is the path that goes around most of Wilhelm, there are several spots that you have to ride on the road which is also paved. Georgie is smelling the smells along the path.

These photos show some of the beautiful scenery that we saw. Enjoy.

Can you smell the fresh air? How about hearing the sound of the birds singing overhead?
Can you feel the warm sun on your back?

We even found a little path that led to the lake. I think people use to get down to the lake to fish and so we explored it.

Lake Wilhelm is a man made lake but I remember going down around this area as a kid and fish out of the creek that ran through with my dad. One of only a few memories I have of him. I remember the big ole catfish he would catch from that creek.

On our way out of the marina, I saw a bald eagle sitting on the very top of a dead tree. I was not able to get a photo of him as we were already on the main road and past him. I would have loved to been able to get a photo of him.

So yesterday was a good day even though my self imposed work schedules and deadlines did not get completed as I had hoped. Instead I took time to enjoy God's beautiful creation and I think that pleased Him.

Have a great day and remember to enjoy the small butterfly that crosses your path or the magnificent bald eagle when you have a chance. Don't take these wonders for granted.


tina said...

When you are ready for a bike ride, let me know. Id love to do this trail.

Cindy said...

Ok lets plan on doing that soon. I need to brush the cobwebs off my bike first.