Friday, August 10, 2012

Work, work, work...

Lots of little things got done yesterday but not on any one project so it doesn't look like a major accomplishment but overall I feel really good about everything that got done.

To begin with our quilt group has a workday once a month and yesterday was it. I took the t-shirts for the next quilt that I have to make from start to finish. The majority of those are cut up now so when I am ready to work on piecing it together it will be ready. I also took the ice dyed fabrics to return them and everyone loved them. They all agreed how amazing it is that they all turned out so beautiful and different even though they were in the same dye bath tub together. What a wonderful analogy to help us to see that we are in the same large "tub of life" but what we are exposed to, when, for how long and what we do with those experiences makes us who we are. We are not like everyone else nor is everyone else like us. We don't have to come out of our experiences the same as someone else to have our unique beauty and character revealed. What we might consider a flaw is actually what makes us uniquely the masterpiece that God created us to be. So don't fret over what you can't change or fix, instead embrace it as your own unique stamp that makes you YOU.

How do you like how all of my hand dyed fabrics live together in there own glass fronted cabinet that keeps them clean?
I folded, rearranged and edited some of the stash in this case and then I added more. The last wheelbarrow load of ice dyed's got added.
They are beautiful but you know they are not truly useful until they are taken out, opened up, cut up and woven into another creation. We don't know how God is going to use us but we need to be ready to be sent out, open ourselves up to doing something new and exciting for Him. In the end it is all about glorifying Him. I am so thankful that He allows me to do something that I am so passionate about and yet use it to glorify Him.

Some other things that I have made progress on. This is a sneak peak of the quilt I am working on.
Since this is such small scale work, I am quilting until I empty a bobbin, which is a lot of quilting since the thread is so fine, and then I work on something else for a while. My goal is to put 2 bobbins a day of work into it.

I finished up the embroidery work on this also.
I have all the supplies, on hand, to make this up into a pillow for the couch .

So when I need a break today from quilting the big quilt I will finish this up. Now I am back to work, work, work. By the end of the day I should once again have something wonderful to show for it all.

Have a great day and remember that we are all in the same dye bath of life, the colors we come out with in the end will be a glorious medley of beauty.


tina said...

I never thought I would get hooked on fabric. I think now that I have purchased enough fabric to get me thru till Im at least 90 years old. Love your died fabric stash. They look so pretty all stacked up, and will look better made into one of your beautiful creations.

Cindy said...

Thanks Tina. I to have enough fabric to last for decades. I have a new creation brewing in my head from a couple pieces that I had to keep out. I hope I have some time this weekend to work on it.