Monday, August 6, 2012

New look and new adventures

You might be thinking that you are at the wrong place this morning. No you are not, we are getting a new look here at Master+Peace Studios, not only is my physical studio space getting a clean-over but so is my blog-o-sphere. I hope you enjoy the new look and please leave me any comments that you might have to let me know what you like or what is not working here in blog land. My focus has been just to keep family and friends up to date on the goings on here but I am getting ready to move forward and put this out there were more people can find it and share in my passions and to be an inspiration to them. I am working through an online blog class that I signed up for earlier in the summer but with all the traveling and other obligations I did not get through much of the information. I did have the forethought though to download all of the lessons so I could finish when the time became available or better yet when I determined to make the time to do it. So please let me know by commenting below how you like the new look, what you like about the blog, what you don't like about it or what you might like to see more of.

I got a lot done the end of last week that I need to share. First of all, I washed up all the ice dyed fabrics. I was really pleased with the results. They are gorgeous. See for yourself. These are taken as I was pulling them out of the wheelbarrow.
It is amazing how vibrant the colors are. Some more eye candy.
I have a large tote bag that was filled to the brim with all the fabrics that came out of that wheelbarrow and they are all gorgeous. Yep definitely eye candy or perhaps a bowl full of sorbet as there were lots of pastels too. I have decided that I will try to sell them at the workshops I hold and the various local quilt shows. Maybe some of the local shops would do a limited display of them. That would be cool.

The piece-de-resistance though is this beauty that I mentioned I was working on. I got it all finished Saturday evening and am really pleased with the results.
This is K's wallhanging. I love working on pieces that are to be heirlooms and this deserves that status. Here is a more detailed shot.
This shows the center star and wreath. This last detail shot shows the corner.
Of course it has to be washed to get all the markings out of it and be bound but K will have lots of time to get that done since she isn't expecting it for several more weeks.

I returned E's quilt to her yesterday and she was so excited about it. She is going to get it bound and ready to take her quilt programs that she does. She was so pleased that she had it back in time to take it to the next one.

Today will be busy. My neice is getting married this morning and there will be fun festivities to follow and I have been invited out this evening too. A friend who is away during the winter is back in the area and we are getting together for Mexican margarita night. Essie was it 3 eagles and 2 beers or 2 eagles and 3 beers? That story will be brought up tonight and laughed over again. I am sure. The fun part was that no beers at all were in the mix of that fun day together. Who needs alcohol when you can have so much fun without it and you get to remember the fun you had the next day. So today is about family and friends.

I hope you have a wonderful day and remember to be thankful for the family and friends in your life and if you say you don't have any go out and be one. Remember the saying "To have a friend you have to be a friend." Well, let's go out and be a friend today. You can always make friends into your family too.

Have a great day.


Tina said...

Love K's quilt. So delicate looking. So glad that E's quilt it done. I'll bet she loved it.

Debbie said...

I love the new layout of your blog. Of course you know how I am parcial to purple. Again the colors are beautiful in your ice hand dyed material. I just love it.