Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Laughter is the best medicine...

If that very familiar quote "Laughter is the best medicine," is true then yesterday I got an overdose of the best medicine out there. Between family stories after the wedding yesterday and meeting up with several of the BFF's ever for margarita night, my day was filled with laughter.

My neice's wedding was beautiful. She made a gorgeous bride and she glowed. You could tell that her handsome groom was absolutely certain that what he was doing was the absolute best thing he ever did. They are a beautiful couple.
A match made in heaven.
Do you want to know the coolest symbolic thing about the day? Stacey and Frank got married on her grandparent's 57th wedding anniversary and even better, her grandparents stood up as the witnesses for them. Isn't that amazing. Happy Anniversary Liz and Ted. I am sorry that I didn't get a photo of Liz and Ted together with Stacey and Frank. We returned to Stacey's childhood home for the reception and in good old Laurie fashion (Stacey's mom) there was good food and lots of it. You can never say you went away from Laurie's house hungry unless you chose to not eat because she is a fabulous cook and loves to do large. Another amazing woman. After we all filled up on the copious platters of food we settled down to share family stories and reminisce. We don't take enough time in our busy schedules to sit back and reconnect in this way with our loved ones nearly enough. As the party was winding down I made my exit to go to another meeting of friends. Tina, Debbie, Essie, and I met up at a local Mexican restaurant and ate, shared, and laughed ourselves silly. These are the moments that bond us together in this crazy world. We share life's joys and trials and heartaches and we come away stronger. We know someone else cares. We get solidified in who we are and what we stand for. We gain strength in knowing that there are those who love us and are pulling for us, cheering us on, or pushing us along if we need it. We have family and we have friends and that is one of the best blessings we have in the here and now. Be present for those moments. Let them shine in your memories as some of the best days.

I will leave you with those thoughts. Have a great day and remember to love those who are close to you each and every day.


Debbie said...

Cindy we did have a wonderful visit yesterday. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard. I even said too that laughter is the best medicine. I think great minds think alike also! Thank You for sharing your nieces wedding day with us. It was really nice hearing of that.

Tina said...

Such a great evening. I think Essie is a wonderful story teller. Have had her and Rich on my mind, my heart, and my prayers ever since last evening. Your so right that we are bound together, both by the good and bad. So wonderful that we can share anything, and come away feeling better about our lives.

Cindy said...

Thanks for the memories. I too have been thinking of Essie and Rich praying for good news. I had a wonderful time. Thanks for the kick in the pants.