Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun with the grandbebe...

The joys of having a two year old around are many. We had a great visit with our DGD and DDIL. On Friday we went to town to get supplies for making stepping stones to put in my new flower bed. We also visited some of "Nana's friends" which Avery was a little shy at first to do but once the secret stash drawer was opened and a piece of yummy chocolate was located everything was pretty ok. Once we got everything, we came back home and stayed in the house for a while. It was so hot that you would be drenched in sweat after just 5 minutes outside. We also bought some sidewalk chalk to create some masterpieces on the driveway. Avery did not mind the heat so much so we headed back outside to play with the chalk and to blow bubbles. She could spend hours blowing bubbles and then chasing them. We drew and then blew more bubbles. Here is some of our works of art.

Once it cooled off more in the evening we went outside again to make the stepping stones. Here DDIL and AV are sitting in the driveway with the starts of our supplies around them.

We even enlisted Papa's help in measuring out and mixing the Kwik-crete.

Avery very carefully added glass marbles to one of the stones.

Meghan created a beautiful stone too.
Avery's foot prints and hand prints were put in several.

This is a fun and rather inexpensive activity to do with the kiddo's. The bag of Kwik-crete was less than $5.oo and the forms are inexpensive plastic dishes used under a potted plant to collect the water. They were about $1.25 a piece. I bought 4 of those. All the items we used to decorate I already had in my craft supplies.

Avery brought her tent to show Papa. It is a puppy tent. It is adorable. I even climbed inside with her. Too bad it was already pretty dark so the photo isn't the best.
We finished off the evening by watching a movie. Avery said she was hungry so I made some popcorn and we enjoyed the cool of the air conditioning.

Along with all the cute and adorable things Avery said during the visit and everything she could imagine to do inside we had a very entertaining weekend. One of my favorite things she would say was, "I am going downstairs now to my workshop." Also "Don't worry, I will fix it." She is such a sweet and loving child (in between her self admitted-fits) and so smart. I had bought her a book while we were in Hawaii called Chameleon's Colors and when I handed it to her she looked at it and said chameleon. Very smart. Very determined. Very active. Very adorable.

Well, that was my weekend fun. I hope you had a good fun weekend too. Everyone needs time to decompress from the stress of the work week and I think we can all learn a lesson from the children in our lives and play a little more.

Have a great week and remember to be thankful for something. I am very thankful for the sweetness of grandchildren and that they go home after a visit. LOL. I used yesterday to catch up on my rest.

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