Friday, July 13, 2012

New technology leaving me in the dust...

It took longer than expected going to town yesterday to get our new cell phones and I didn't get to go to the quilt group work day/meeting. I had my stuff in the car but by the time we got done with the errands it was around 1:30 and I just didn't feel it was worth it to go as many leave shortly after lunch. I did manage to cut out all the pieces of the blue and white quilt. I had 2 magazines that had the same quilt in it and one had you cut out all the individual pieces and the other told you how to do it with strip piecing. Guess which one I chose to follow. The measurements were all the same for the blocks for both quilts so of course I chose the fastest method, the strip piecing. I have 2 strips sewn together already and all the pieces cut apart to create the rest of the strips. This will go together pretty quickly. (Spent 30 minutes trying to upload photos from the new phone.) Well, I guess I will have to learn the new technology of my I-Phone before I can upload pictures for you. There's always a learning curve with any new gadget we get.

I do have a photo to share of the dragonfly wallhanging that I am also working on.
You can see how the decorative stitch adds the contrast that this piece needs. The background and the applique are too similar that there isn't enough contrast. The stitching fixes that problem. Now to just finish it. There is a second one like this to do also.

Today, I am going with Tina to Niles to pick up several bolts of bamboo/cotton blend fabric for our fabric dyeing. It takes the dye so well and the hand of the fabric is so soft. We will also be stopping by Domestic Sewing Center in Warren to drop off 2 of her machines to be cleaned and serviced. I can't forget to take some show and tell or I will get yelled at. LOL.

DH got a phone call yesterday from some friends and went on a fishing expedition with them. They went up to Lake Erie last evening to do some fishing, stayed overnight there and were heading out again this morning to do some more fishing.

I need to go try to figure out how to use all of this techno stuff so I can share some more pictures with you. Have a good day and remember to be thankful for something and kind to someone.

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