Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quilted projects 1,2,3,4 finished.

Here are the projects that I promised to share with you that I quilted last week/end. The first is a table runner made with squares that were given to me by my friend and roommate at January's quilt retreat.
I sewed them all together first and then did a little slicing and dicing and resewing to get this. I added the dark blue border, then quilted the center with a swirl design, I think you can see it show up in some of the plainer areas of the fabrics. The outside border is quilted in a swirl and feather plume design, all freehand, no marking done on the piece at all.
I also finished a piece up that was part of experimenting with fabric dyes on shaving cream that Tina and I did together.
It is a small wallhanging done to showcase the center that has marbleing and then a stencil motif placed on top of the marbleing. I think the quilting motifs play off the center nicely. I am really pleased with how this piece turned out.
The next piece was also created during that same day.
The tree stencil was placed on a light blue hand dyed background fabric and the dye and shaving cream were applied over the stencil, we then moved the stencil just a bit so it would give us the illusion of the tree branches moving a bit. I added the beads after quilting it to add a little more spark to the piece. I enjoyed quilting this too. This is the piece that the thread color detracts a little in the background area. The color was a very pale blue but en mass I can see that it wasn't pale enough. I should have used white for this piece.
The last piece was a project for an online class. It was the second piece I created for that class. I did finish the first one during class but I never enjoyed the finishing process so it sat for quite a while.
It is finished now and I won't be doing another like this any time soon. Not my favorite. My goal this year is to finish some of my UFO's before starting any new projects.

Well, I did start the customer quilt yesterday although it is not turning out as nicely as I would like. It is an 80" x80" quilt made up of 1" squares, so all those seams do cause problems when trying to quilt over them. I need to reconsider how I am going to do this one.

Today, DH and I are going to town to get new cell phones. My camera won't work as of yesterday (one too many drops) and I use my camera a lot on my phone for gathering the photos for this blog. Also my phone is a hand me down from DD who had it while at school and she has been out for 2 years. I am looking to get an I-phone as I have an I-pad and it will sync together nicely. After we get back I am heading over to our quilt guilds meeting and I would like to work on that blue and white quilt I mentioned yesterday. I can start cutting it out there and no need to take my machine with me. I might even cut out that Hawaiian block out for the pillow cover. That will get me a good ways along with that project.

I need to go get all that ready so I can have it in the car before we leave. It is going to be a good day. I am really excited about today. Remember to be kind today. It is our way of taking our eyes off of ourselves and seeing others as we would like them to see us. Have a great day.

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