Friday, July 6, 2012

Learning to go with the flow...

I mentioned that this week has been totally different for me than last. I am learning to go with the flow of the energy that is available to me. Yesterday, I was able to clean the house and do the laundry in preparation for DDIL and DGD's arrival. Once that was done I started working on that little tree wallhanging again. It is coming along rather nicely. I have the center swirls completed around the tree and 3 sides of the inner border done. This has been a learning week all around, as I used a new design in the border. The inner border sides are not the same size so this design had to be customized for the difference in sizes which really only affected the corners where the 2 different sizes meet. I found a great blog that has several great tutorials. I tried out this one The simple diamond sash motif. It is a lot of fun and adds an extra level of complexity to the design even though it is very easy quilting motifs that are used. That is one thing I am learning too, something doesn't have to be difficult in order to be complex. You need to break everything down into doable steps. A lot of repetition of smaller components makes it look much more difficult and more impressive. Several of the quilting motifs I have learned this week use this simple idea of combining 2 or 3 simple motifs to create a more complex design. Another thing I am learning to do is to add the links to take you elsewhere for additional information such as the tutorial above. We are never too old to learn new things.

Today will be spent trying to keep up with one very smart and very active 2 year old. She is so adorable, and she amazes me. Last night she was counting and she counted to 100 by 10's. You know ...50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. Just before bedtime (mine not necessarily her's) she decided that we needed to have a party and we needed to get party hats, balloons, and decorations. She didn't know who would come to our party but we needed to get those things. Later on she decided we needed a birthday cake too.
She speaks so clearly and advanced for her age. She and papa went out last evening to catch lightning bugs. She had him all over the yard searching for bugs.

Well, I am going to go get myself ready for the day because as soon as the little one wakes up I don't think I will have time to do anything else but entertain her and be entertained by her.

Have a great day, I will try to get some fun pictures of our activities today to share with you tomorrow. Remember to love on the little one's that are in your life as they don't stay little very long.

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