Wednesday, July 4, 2012

blissful ignorance

I did not anticipate not posting anything yesterday, but the truth is I simply did not have the energy or mental capacity to write anything. The activities of the day before just knocked me off my feet a little longer than I had anticipated. I did not do much of anything except go to the plant/produce auction to see if they had any plants that I wanted for my new soon to be flower bed. Nothing in plants although they had lots of beautiful fresh produce. I got right back in my car to come home. I decided to run up to a local nursery to see if they had anything, once again, no luck. This whole trip took about 1/2 hour and when I got home I crawled back into bed for a nap. The rest of the day was spent in bed or on the couch except for the 2 hours or so I was at the eye doctor's for my exam. By the time I got home I was ready to take another nap on the couch. Not such an exciting day. Perhaps today will be a more productive day. So far I managed to get up when the alarm went off.

It rained pretty good through out the day yesterday, so I won't be able to do any work in the flower bed. It will just be mud. So I think I will work in my studio. I don't promise any big completed projects but at least I will give it the good old American try.

I want to thank all those who have served our country in war and in peace time to keep our country free from oppression and domination. I am thankful for this great country in which we live. I know the sacrifices that have been made by many a person and family to keep this nation great. I pray for the safety of all who are serving now. I pray for those who are away from their families today, who are doing there jobs so that I can live in blissful ignorance of the all the work that is being done to keep us free in our "land of the free." I created a quilt for a challenge named Thread Tails to Vapor Trails that travelled around the U.S. last year. It is named Blissful Ignorance, after the quote by George Will. Here is a photo of the quilt.
You can click on the photos for a larger image.
You can see more about this quilt in this post

I hope you can read the quote.

Have a great Independence Day and if you have the chance, or perhaps make the chance, to thank someone for the service they have given to their country, please do so. It is what keeps our country strong and free.

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