Friday, December 9, 2011

Office tour finished

Today I will finish up the tour of my office makeover. I finally got my window treatment up. The curtains had been out on the back porch for the summer but now with winter coming (woke up to snow on the ground this morning) I washed them up and hung them in the office.

I had been reluctant to hang them earlier because one of our dogs ate my last curtains I had up but our dear Abby passed away several weeks ago so they are safe now.

Here are a couple shots of the tight corner of the room. The closet and the bookcase I mentioned yesterday.

I took the doors off of the closet to make the area more accessible. Since I had lots of quilts to display there the doors were not needed.

Here is the bookcase at the end of the bed.

With the bookcases split apart I get balance and function in the room and I love all the dark wood against the blue/green of the walls and the white accents.

The finishing touch was to replace the generic 30 year old light fixture cover. I had a white wire basket that I added blue/green glass discs to along with Mardi Gras beads and glass necklace crystals. I attached the basket to the ceiling with cup hooks. It was so easy to create, it just took time and patience.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed the tour of my office space. It is tiny but really functional.

Have a great day and remember to be grateful today for something unexpected. Try to see the good in adversity and the good in others around you.

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