Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Comfy spot to read or meditate

I made some pillows with some rather large vintage linen napkins that I found. I had a set of 5 that matched and 3 more of another style but the same size. I hand dyed the 5 a nice golden yellow, which is the accent color of my home office. I made 2 completely yellow and 1 that is yellow and natural linen and 1 completely natural. I made them to create a day bed look in my office. I bought Euro sham pillow inserts that were 27" square, zippers and some vintage crotched tims, which also got a dip in the dye bath. I also picked up a battenberg lace Eurosham cover on one of my trips to the antique mall. Here is what my day bed looks like with the pillows.
Here is a little closer detail of some of the pillows.
I took them to the craft sale to see if they would sell even though I was hoping that they wouldn't. People didn't even really look at them. Well it is my gain. I love them and am very happy that I get to keep them for my room.

I am looking for some sort of storage containers, whether they be wicker baskets or something else for under the bed and then I need to find a skirt or something to cover the bed base. It is not all that attractive. I love my day bed though and now I am going to keep it a "dog free zone". NO dirty paws are going to get up there and ruin it.

My office is coming together nicely and it is a pleasure to spend time here on my computer or reading. It is a peaceful sanctuary.

I hope you have enjoyed a peak at my office. I will post more pictures of the rest and tell you how I did it in another post.

Have a great day and remember to be thankful for what you have and do something kind for someone else.

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