Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More office photos

I promised some more photos and explaination of my office makeover. I don't have a before photo to share. I always seem to jump into a project and forget to take the before photos. I will have to work on getting before photos of projects in the new year. So here is a photo of the wall treatment. It is not wallpaper, it is hand painted treatment to resemble wallpaper.

I painted the wall first with Martha Stewart Living paint color Hummingbird blue in eggshell. I next made a cardboard stencil shape that I could trace around. It needs to be symmetrical if you want the motifs to snug up against each other. I traced around the template shape with a regular pencil, moved the stencil and continued tracing. It is important to have a vertical and horizontal line to start out with but after you get the first row of stencil drawn out if you stay consistent with how far apart you place your stencil it will stay straight. It is also easy to fudge a little if need be. After marking the stencil design on the wall, you need to take a 1/2" artists brush, I used an angled one, and paint on the inside of each motif. This gives you the double nestled up lines. If you painted in between the 2 penciled lines you would have a single motif and it would be less busy. I won't lie to you the rest of the marking and painting step takes some time. It took me one day to do one wall. As I only did 3 walls it took me 3 days to do the decorative part of the painting.
The color of paint I used to paint the stencil design was also from Martha Stewarts paint line in Sea Glass and I used a semi-gloss for that so that the light would reflect off it and show up a little more. I love the effect that I got but if you didn't want quite so much pattern you could use lower contrast colors and stay with the eggshell finish for the paint. I painted the ceiling and trim Glass of Milk, so it is a creamy white.

Here is a photo of the room pulled together from the doorway.

Notice the sepia photos of my girls on either side of the windows. It is a beautiful way to add symmetry to that wall and I get to see those beatiful faces everytime I enter my office.

I will add more photos and explanations tomorrow on the rest of the room. The functional part of the space.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a wonderful day. Don't forget to be thankful for something today and find some way to do something nice for someone else.

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