Thursday, December 8, 2011

More office makeover

Well, I left off yesterday after showing you the wall treatment I did in my office and what the room looked like as you look in from the hallway. Today I will share with you some of the details of the room.

Let's start off with a look at my desk area. Here is a photo of the desk. Of course you realise it doesn't look that neat right now as I am sitting here creating this post.

My desk is made up of an old treadle sewing machine base that I topped off with a mahogany top that my DH made for me. This top has been used for so many purposes. I have used it on 2 short wrought iron bases for a coffee table, on this same sewing machine base as a sofa table, and against the wall as a console table. Now it is serving duty as my desk top in my office. I love the rich wood tones and it is 5 feet long so it makes an ample surface to spread out and do lots of paperwork. I have room for my laptop, the phone, a wire basket (not in the photo) that I can keep all my frequently used books and folders in. As I look at my desk right now I need to do some editing of items so that I can get back to just the important things. Prime real estate here, I have stuff that can go else where in the room and declutter my work surface a bit.

I used the short wrought iron stands underneath my desk on the ends to place my printer, printer paper on the bottom shelf of one and books and other frequently used items on the other one. I have a ton of Longaberger baskets and so I took the set of hexagon shaped baskets and hung them on the wall and placed pictures of the grandbabies in them. As the pictures are just sitting in the baskets they can easily be replaced with newer photos as they grow and change. I could also put small items in the baskets in front of the photos if I had some, such as a rattle, a baby bootie, or a little hair clip.

On either side of the desk I placed small bookcases that I got at an auction this past summer to store more booksoffice supplies etc. The bookcase is in 3 sections, the end pieces are on either side of the desk and the main section is at the foot of the bed creating a day bed effect. It is hard to get a photo of it as it is a tight fit between the bed and the closet but I will try to get a good photo and post that tomorrow.

As you can see the room has shaped up ralther well and I will finish the tour of it tomorrow. Hopefully you will get some ideas of things that would work for you in your home. My personal favorite that I have shared with your so far are the baskets masquerading as picture frames.

I hope you have enjoyed my office tour, remember to do something unexpected for someone else today and find one thing to be grateful for.

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