Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting on board with Christmas

Last week was a very low energy week and I feel that I didn't get a whole lot done so I now feel the pressure to get a lot done this week in preparation for Christmas. I started to decorate yesterday but got derailed because I need to get some new Christmas lights for the tree. I have 3 strings but 2 of them only half of the lights work. I am sure that I have more lights somewhere probably in the attic which I am not going to try to navigate. So this morning I am going to run into town and pick up some lights. I will also go get a pattern from a friend on making star ornaments. So there might be a post on these cute ornaments in the future.

So my projects for today are,
1. get lights for the tree
2. get the pattern
3. decorate the tree
4. get rest of the decorations placed
5. clean out the storage room where the decorations reside
6. put all the boxes back in storage room once done with them
7. vacuum and clean up the living room once everything is decorated.

In the meantime I will give you a sneak peak of what chaos the living room is in during the decorating process.

There is the tree that I can't go any further with until I get the lights on it.
Getting through that maze is a challenge. Soon it will be passable again. (I hope.)

I need to come up with a really nice display/centerpiece for the buffet.

That should be enough for today and tomorrow I should have photos of the tree and decorations for you.

Have a great day. Hope everything is beautiful for you today but remember that it might get ugly and disfunctional for a while before it falls into place and becomes beautiful and functional. Be grateful for life today and do something nice for someone else.

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