Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mishmash of stuff

I got the tree decorated yesterday. The wreath is on the door and the decorations are in place except for some minor tweaking. I have not got the boxes put away yet though. I ran out of time and energy yesterday to do that.

I had been in the mood for some good homemade Tomato-Basil Soup, so I made that yesterday afternoon and had that along with a smoked gouda and havarti toasted cheese sandwich. It was so good.

Today is Prime Timers Christmas party/meal at the church. We are having a white elephant gift exchange. I haven't even gotten my gift ready. Mentally I am just not making the needed connections. I have got to get my act together.

After Prime Timers I have to run over to Domestic Sewing Center and pick up my sewing machine. It was sent back to the company for repairs since it was still under warranty. It will be interesting to see what they said was wrong with it, it wouldn't zigzag. I will also take my spare machine over and have them check it out. I think the foot pedal is going bad on it but it also needs a good cleaning so I might as well leave it when I pick up the other one. It is a long trip but since they don't charge a service fee on machines bought there it makes it worth it and they are so friendly. If I have enough energy I might check out Target while I am over there. So I will be running around a lot today.

Well, today's post is rather short but I have a lot to do before going out for the day so I need to get going. I will post photos tomorrow of the Christmas decorations.

Have a great day and remember to be thankful for something today and do something kind for someone else too.

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