Monday, December 10, 2012

Playing catch up...

This weekend has put me behind schedule and now I am going to be playing catch up for a while. First of all I didn't get to post anything Friday as I had an early morning eye appointment which went well. Everything was fine. No problems with the side effects of the medication affecting my eyes the doctor felt it was a combination of sinus problems along with the steroids that I was taking at the time. I have been off the steroids now for a couple weeks and everything is getting back to normal. They did dilate my right eye so I couldn't focus well, when I got home I decided to take a nap while the effects of the drops wore off. I thought a nice hour long nap would be good. I didn't wake up until 1:45, a 3+ hour nap. Evidently I needed it. Once I woke up though my eyes were fine and I could get back to work.

Saturday was Stitch and Bitch day at Tina's so I packed up a couple projects and headed over there. I had a phone call from a lady who bought quilted items from my mom and she heard that I quilt and wanted to know if I had anything she could possibly purchase. Of course was my answer so she is coming by this morning. She wanted to know if I had any Christmas items which I thought I had 1 table runner left from the craft sale but afterwards remembered that I didn't have it after all. So I cut out 2 Christmas table runners at Tina's and I added borders to my bunny rabbit project. Here are photos of those. First the bunny.
It needed the pops of greenish blue in the corners and the narrow green border. Now I think it is big enough to quilt. I finished one table runner last evening.
It is not the traditional Christmas colors but I like it. The backing is a predominately pink floral print fabric so it can be reversible making it usable for more than one season. The second runner is not quilted yet but its ready to be done today. It does boast the Christmas colors.
I think they are both quite elegant.

Sunday, Jeff and I helped a cousin of Jeff's move out of his mom's house. She passed away in October quite suddenly and the owner of the house gave Jon one days notice that he had to pack up and get out as her house had burned down and she planned on moving in, as she owned the house he had little recourse. So we hitched up the trailer to the truck and headed over early in the morning. He had a storage unit that we packed full of stuff and we got done around 1. An aunt and uncle of his came from Michigan to help and were going to take some of the stuff back with them so we left the rest to them to sort out. Over all it went rather smoothly. It always amazes me how much stuff can come out of such a small house and how much junktreasures we tend to hold onto. This has been one of my goals this year is to get rid of stuff that I don't need or doesn't hold any sentimental value. I still have a long way to go but I am working on it.

So my schedule for today is meet with Jane, hopefully she will want to buy some of my bigger pieces. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Lilly is going to need some repairs. I am not able to adjust the tension on her. I had a little piece of metal fall out that looks like it broke off from somewhere and now the tension is really off so she will have to go in for a check up too. She needs fixed soon as I need to make a baby quilt before the end of the month. Another unexpected turn of events. I need to remember to be flexible when life throws me a curve ball and hits me unprepared. That is an important lesson to be learned, how to be able to pick ourselves up when the storms of life come along to rock our boat. If we panic we can capsize and go under, if we do nothing we can also go under but if we can take a minute to determine the best plan of action and do it, we can avoid a major catastrophe. We might even be able to help someone else out when their boat is going under if we are prepared and ready to lend a helping hand.

This is the season to reach out and help others who are less fortunate. I watched a great movie last night called The Christmas Angel. It was about a wealthy man who figured out that money didn't bring him happiness and purpose but that helping out others by being a secret Santa did, he was ill therefore finds a young woman, who struggled all her life to trust people, to be his helper. She learned to see that everyone needed something, mostly to know that someone cared about them and that they matter. She finally is able to take her eyes off herself and her past hurts and reach out to others and she becomes a great secret Santa. Very sweet and touching movie, I hope you are able to see it sometime.

So today will be spent playing catch up for me and looking at all my junk uhm stuff with fresh eyes and deciding if it is worth having family and friends rummage through it all and decide what to do with it all if something should happen to me. I don't want to leave them with a mess that they have to wonder "what the heck was mom thinking keeping this stuff". Not that I am planning on leaving them with this type of mess any time soon mind you. Just thinking and planning and doing.

Have a great day, remember to be on the look out for someone who just needs to know that you care about them and show them how much. Burdens are hard to shoulder any time of the year but they are especially hard during the holidays.

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