Thursday, December 13, 2012

One big project finished...

I am so happy to be finished with my Christmas Dresden plate quilt, not because I didn't enjoy working on it but because it turned out so beautiful and I can't wait to share it with you and to use it on my couch for the holiday season. Applying the binding was not an easy task using the long arm but that was because the batting was so thick that the binding would shift easily. I think it would have done the same thing if I had attached the binding with the sewing machine. I just had to take it slow and reposition the binding a lot. Here are the pictures.
As much as I love the front, I love the back just as much. Do you remember that I had to piece my backing to get it to be wide enough for the top? Well, I love the stripe going down the middle and I love how well the quilting shows up on the back of the quilt.
So what do you think? What do you like about it? This quilt took a lot longer than most of the quilts that I do but it surprised me how fast it did go for being a custom quilt job and all of it being ruler work except for the background fill work. I just might have to make me another Dresden plate quilt or find a vintage top to quilt. I love this design. I also finished quilting a table runner yesterday but when I went to bind it, I can't find a single fabric in my stash that will work that I have enough of, in these cases I would use several fabrics and make a scrappy binding but as this is for a customer I don't want to do that. This piece is too elegant to go scrappy on the border.

Today I am going to clean house, prepare for a Christmas party tonight, and run to the store to get a few items I need for the dish I have to prepare for the party. If I have time I am going to start working on a special baby quilt that I need to have done by the 30th. So I best be on my way and get all this done so that I can party tonight without worry.

I hope you have a great day and even if it is a busy and stressful day I hope you can keep a calm and thankful attitude through it all.

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tina said...

Love the way the dresden plate came out. It is spectacular.