Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Real progress made...

Yesterday, I made up that ridulously long to-do list so that I could get everything out of my head and release the creative energy to figure out the how's of doing that which needed to be done and it worked. I managed to finish #8. the laundry, it is even folded and put away and not sitting in a basket waiting to be put away. A big high five for #13. I finished E's quilt. Now to get it back to her. I can't move ahead yet on C's quilt which is #14, so I pulled one of J's quilts out, #12 and managed to get it completely quilted, didn't expect to get that far but I am so thankful that I did. I have one more for J to do. I also added to my list paying my business taxes and did that too, so that would be #26. I forgot that I also watered the plants, that was #23.

So even though I still have a list that is 22 items long I feel that I made really big steps yesterday in getting things done. So today, I am going to focus on my quilt studio, I am going to have some help this afternoon with organizing and cleaning it out. I would like to try to get the quilted ceiling panels hung and if I can do that it will be a major task marked off my list. I am excited about that. For this morning though, I am torn between going to town and getting a few groceries or marking K's wallhanging and prepping it for quilting. It would be best to do the shopping run as I then won't have to worry about K's piece being out while I am cleaning up the studio. I guess I just talked myself out of doing what I really would love to do into going grocery shopping, not something that I love to do. LOL.

I should go down stairs right now and take some before photos of the studio so that I can show you some before and afters. Ok so that is what I will do. My to do list for the next 3 hours, pictures of studio and grocery shopping.

I hope you have a great day.

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