Thursday, August 2, 2012

A step backward while making progress...

I am excited about everything I got done yesterday. I will share the before pictures of the studio clean-over as I finish each area. So you will have to follow along to see the transformation as it will take several weeks I am sure to get everything done but then I will have a truly functional space with everything put away. Grandma Briggs' favorite saying was "A place for everything and everything in its place."

I had help with this step of the project. The hanging of the quilted ceiling panels. Let me tell you why I needed these. I had (operative word there) a finished basement studio. The ceilings were drywalled and everything was good. I loved working in my studio. Then we had an electrical problem and DH tore the ceiling out to fix it. Enter the dark light absorbing ceiling that made me want to cringe everytime I went in there. Not very conducive to creative work. So I hung white sheets on the ceiling as a temporary fix. I wanted something else but what? as DH does not want a permanent ceiling in case of other problems. He wants to be able to get to any area so he can fix it. Ok. So my solution: quilted ceiling panels that can be taken down if need be. So I have 2 panels done and most of a 3rd one. This is the before and the after once one panel was hung.
and After.
Here are some close ups of the quilting on the panel.
The next panel to go up is a light blue same as the wall color. I hand dyed it and I am going for a cabana stripe effect. I think it will be really cool. This project will definitely be a work in progress for some time.

I did go get my groceries which then required me to debone a rotisserie chicken to use in our dinner. It turned out great. Yummy. Easy skillet chicken enchillada.

On with the rest of the work I got done. I dyed a new backing for C's quilt after speaking with her. She wants me to surprise her with what I do so can't tell you about that till later. As I was cleaning up stuff, I found a full bolt of the bamboo cotton fabric that I use for dyeing. Score one for the team. Woohoo.
I also made room to put away some of the things that were sitting around on my floor. You can't really tell that much was done since once you start one of these types of cleaning projects everything looks much worse before it gets better. You know that "It looks like a bomb went off in here." kind of moments.

Another thing I got done was to mark K's quilt so I can start quilting it. It is going to be phenomenal. I can't wait to work on it. Did I ever mention that I just love quilting custom pieces. It's my favorite. Love, love, love it. C's piece and K's piece are going to be a dream to do.

So my plans for today are to do another tub of fabrics using the ice dyeing technique. I found lots of scraps (while cleaning) that will get a second lease on life. Score 2 for the home team. Once those are reclining in the ice bath, marinating in the juices of color, I will wash up C's backing and get that quilt basted together and will work on getting some more organizing done. Sounds like a full day. I better get going then if I am going to get everything done that I want to.

Have a great day and remember to do kindness today and be thankful for the mess that you have to clean up. It means you have been blessed enormously.

Thanks Heather for your help. I couldn't have done everything yesterday without it.

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tina said...

Wow, I must be double blessed as my mess is huge right now. LOL