Monday, June 4, 2012

Something just for me...

I am very excited about the progress I made this weekend. Several major projects are done and several first steps done on some others. First of all, once I got that big t-shirt quilt out of the way (by the way it was picked up last night and she loved it) I promised myself that I would work on one of my own projects till completion. I chose to finish my wall hanging from the class I took last fall with my dear friend, Tina out in New York state. The teacher was Gloria Loughman from Australia. This is taken from a photo I took while on a trip to Bermuda in 2010 with DD. It is of Tabacco Bay, I used some creative license and made it at sunset even though we were there at mid day. Here it is and other than the label it is done.

Since I finished it up before the weekend was over I also pulled out another piece that I had half ways done and quilted on it last night. Here is a detail shot.

I still have a fair amount of work to do on it but I love what I have gotten done so far. I am going to do a fill either of orange peel or fill in everyone other square to make a checkerboard design, I haven't decided yet. This is a small table cloth I picked up at some antique store, backed with one of my hand dyed fabrics. The machine quilting is my passion and I love using vintage linen pieces to give them a new purpose and freshness.

Today, I have several other projects that will require my attention. I need to fill the hot tub today and get it ready to use which will require a trip to the pool and spa store to get a new headrest, filter and get the water tested but that part will be for another day. Today, I have an appointment to get my hair cut. I have to go to the bank, stop at the clinic and say hi to everyone. I bought plants at one of the local nurseries over the weekend and need to get my window boxes planted and rehung. Once I have all of that done then I can go back to playing with my quilting project oh and I want to make a pillow case dress for my granddaughter. I have so much to get done this week. I also want to get one more customer quilt done before we leave on Sunday for Hawaii. So much to do, with some focus and determination it will get done. Oh and don't forget that Friday is treatment day so that day I won't get anything done at home. It is amazing what can be accomplished though when we break every thing down and use every moment that is available to us and we still have time to relax and unwind. So I am not worried about getting it all done, I am more worried that I won't remember to do something important that needs done.

Well, I hope you have a great day today. I have another Joyfilled journey post coming up soon, so come back for that. Remember to be thankful (and share it) for something today. I am thankful for one week to tie up all the loose ends of projects before heading off to Hawaii to see DD and spend some time in the warmth and sunshine.


Anonymous said...

I am getting to know you better through your blog and the sharing of your life. For that, I am very thankful........!!!

tina said...

Wow, you are a bottle of energy. So thankful that the side effects are so good. Love you and will miss you when you are in Hawaii, but look forward to the fun things to come when you get back.