Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More things crossed off my list...

I have some photos to share with you from yesterday's activities but first of all some things I got done that I didn't take pictures of. 1. My window boxes are planted but they are not hung yet, I need help with that and then I will take a photo to share. 2. I cut out the pieces for a block of the month quilt that I signed up for in 2009, don't be too harsh, I am sure some of you have projects that you haven't gotten done that could be that old. I have made that project my hand work for treatment days. It is hand applique married with a pieced block. I have 4 more blocks to go and treatment day is coming up on Friday so I can knock out one. 3. I ran errands, to the bank, got my hair trimmed, stopped by and visited with friends from work. Overall, it was a very productive day.

On to the photos of what I created (or finished) yesterday. I finished up the table cloth that I shared, here are some detail photos of the quilting motifs. This is the background fill I used. I decided to do the orange peel motif as I thought it would recede into the background and let the feathered motifs stand out more than the checkerboard idea I had considered.

Here is the outside corner motif be sure to catch a look at the binding fabric. I used a bright yellow thread so it would show up on the hand dyed fabric.

Here is a photo of the completed piece.

This is what I enjoyed making the most. It is a dress made out of a vintage pillowcase. I made it for my grand daughter who is 2. I saw a pattern for this in one of the quilt shops we visited a couple of weeks ago and I knew I had just the right pillowcase waiting at home to make into this cute little summer dress. I had also seen a tutorial online on how to make this style dress so with 1 1/2 hours before I had to leave for my hair cut appointment yesterday I got it out and whipped it up. I would like to change out the sash for a prettier and softer ribbon that would make a floppier softer bow when tied. I will have to look for that but for now it has one that I made with my hand dyed fabric. I am going to wrap this up with a flower lei? (spelling)and give it to her so she can pretend she is going to Hawaii too.

Well, I have a lot to do today. I was praying about what to do to help out our Bible School since we won't be here for the actual week and I am going to go to Staples and get supplies that they can send to the school in Uganda that we are sponsoring through vacation Bible school.

Have a great day. Be thankful for someone in your life today that made or did something special for you as a child that you remember fondly. Feel free to share it too. I love to get comments and know that you enjoy these little snippets of my days.


tina said...

I recognize that overdied fabric u used for your binding, Ive used the snot outa that fabric. and love the table cloth and pretty little dress.

Cindy said...

Thanks, the colors in the binding fabric were just what I needed for this piece. (I didn't save any of the other hand dyed piece for the binding.) Thanks for sharing from your stash.