Thursday, June 7, 2012

To be or not to do...

Yesterday turned out to be different than I planned. I did not get as much stuff done as I had anticipated but it was all good none the less. I don't believe we should be a slave to our to do lists, they are tools for us to help us stay focused but when we become consumed by getting every thing crossed off our lists we forget to be aware of the more important things like relationships. I started out running over to the pool and spa store to get a new head rest for the hot tub and get the water tested. On my way over, I can see my sister in law's house from the highway and thought I should stop by to visit with my mother in law on the way home. I wouldn't get another opportunity before we leave for Hawaii and so I called her to see if she was available. She was at the chiropractor's office and wouldn't be home for at least an hour which would give me more time to stop at the outlet mall to find a pair of sandals for the trip. So I told her I would plan on stopping after I got all my errands run. She was thrilled. I got what I needed at the pool/spa store and headed to the outlet mall. It is so nice to have everything you could possibly need want in one place. I stopped at my favorite clothing stores, Coldwater Creek and Christopher and Banks, looking for a maxi dress for the trip. No such find, but I did find some jewelry that I had been admiring online that was on sale and I picked them up along with some other great finds at Christopher and Banks. I moved on to finding some nice comfortable sandals. It is not so easy to find a decent pair that doesn't cost more than a weeks worth of groceries or that don't have 4" heels. Now I could be mistaken but I don't know how you can call any shoe that has a 4" heel a sandal. I can't see anyone wearing those walking down the beach. I did find a pair at a store I would have thought would be too expensive for me to frequent. Aldo Shoes and guess what, they were only $20.00. Score one for the team. Photo to come, I am having technical difficulties with my camera. It seems I am having a lot of technical difficulties today. Technical difficulties corrected.

Once I finished up shopping, I ran over and visited with M-I-L for a while. We haven't had much chance to just sit and visit for a while. I hope she enjoyed the visit, we got into some deep stuff.

So once I got home I got the headrests on the hot tub, added the recommended chlorine, got in and tried it out last night. I also worked on arranging the blocks of another t-shirt quilt. Didn't get much further than hanging them on my design wall and playing with the arrangement. If I have time today I will work on it some more. I don't think that I will get as far as I wanted unless God graces me with super natural speed. DH helped me get my window boxes hung. I am hoping that they will fill in more as the season progresses. One of the coleus plants had to be replaced already. What do you think?

Today, my plans are to:
1. do laundry in preparation of packing for trip
2. start to pack as I get laundry done
3. clean house
4. download photos off cell phone and camera, get the chargers ready to pack
5. get quilt block ready for tomorrow to work on while getting my treatment
6. work on some quilt project in between everything else
7. clean out the refridgerator
8. sweep off back porch and clean it up so DS can use the grill and eat outside while he is dog sitting.
9. leave time for anything else that might come up that is unexpected

If I can get all of this done today then I won't feel so rushed come Saturday and I can enjoy the day visiting with friends before heading off on a great adventure. I am so excited.

My final thought for today is to remind you to do something kind for someone today. Don't let your to do list become your master. You master it and tell it when enough is enough and you need to "be" instead of "do". Have a great day.

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