Friday, May 25, 2012

Progress is being made...

The side area of the house with the railroad ties is about done. I planted up the salvia, dahlias and gerber daisies. I hope that they will fill in nicely. Here are some pics of the work I did yesterday outside.

These are the gerber daisies and in the pot are some salvia and New Guinnea impatients. The other side of the steps I placed more gerber daisies and a dahlia.
The last of the salvia found a home on the back slope between the large pots that were filled on Tuesday.

That leaves me with just the last rhododendren to plant. I have to find a good spot for it yet that's why it isn't in the ground.

Several other things I accomplished outside that I don't have pictures of are, 1. I weeded in the front flowerbed and took another wheelbarrow of trash to the burn pile 2. The hanging planters for the bay window are in the wagon soaking up water so the soil will be ready to accept some new plants. I hope to get them back up before the weekend is over. 3. The hot tub is scrubbed clean. It still needs filled, filters scrubbed and chemicals balanced but the hard part is done. 4. A general clean up around the steps and all the plantings yielded another wheelbarrow of trash for the burn pile. 5. All the while I am working outside I have to stop and throw a tennis ball for Georgie, my ever faithful companion and shadow. Here is a picture of her eating grass.

I ended up needing a nap once I had all that done, therefore I didn't make it to the studio to work on the tshirt quilt until 7:00 PM, but I am pleased to announce that all the piecing is done. It is ready to put on Lola, my longarm machine for anyone who doesn't know, and quilt away. To me that is the best part, the machine quilting. I have not been able to fall asleep before 1:00AM the past couple days. I attribute that to working in my studio too late, if I am creating something it takes my mind several hours to slow down afterwards. In the past I've found that if I quilt after 8:00 PM I will have trouble turning it all off and sleeping but if this is a side effect of my treatment I suppose I can handle that as long as I can use that time constructively.

I am off to the hospital today, not for me but as a support for a dear friend. I will run some errands afterwards and then back home to work on getting the t-shirt quilt on the frame. Have a great day, do something kind for someone and be thankful for the holiday weekend that we have the priviledge of celebrating.

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