Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Proof is in the pudding (scratch) pictures.

I promised to post pictures of what Tina and I got done yesterday. I should have taken a picture of the back of her truck because we had it pretty full by the time we finished at the auction and went to a local nursery. She got several good deals and I got some too. The flats of annuals went pretty high so we weren't able to get much in the way of annuals. We did get some dahlias, coleus, and impatients. The big score were on the trees and shrubs. Tina got 3 dogwood trees for $7.50 each, I got 3 rhodedendrens for $9.00 each. These were 5 gallon pots too. Nice plants. I got DH 2 rose bushes for $15. each. Those were the good deals. Well, now on to the pictures to prove that we did something with these.

First of all every project has to involve a little clean up. I didn't take any before pics but we had to carry off at least 6 wheelbarrow loads of leaves from the patio area. I don't have all the furniture in place yet. I would like DH to go down with the leaf blower and blast out any stray leaves and the dust and dirt that is left before I do that, but this is where I am at this point with the lower patio.
It is looking fair, with a few more tweaks and setting out the furniture it will look pretty nice. Of course, MIL is not here right now to enjoy it, as this is off her apartment suite. I still have to clean the hot tub, get it refilled and chemicals all balanced out.

On to the plantings. These are 2 pots that sit on the bank around the patio.

DH can't mow the bank with the riding mower so I have been given permission to plant on the banks so as to cut down on his work in that area. Last year, I put in steps on the one side leading up the bank and planted some bushes. I made several little pockets too, for annuals to add a pop of color. Here is a pic of one of those areas.

These are zinnias, I hope they fill in nicely, they have perked up a lot overnight since planting them and giving them a good drink of water.

I also started a new bed several years ago that was out of necessity to transplant some divided hostas. I added these 2 rhodedendrens here. This will add a nice pop of color in the spring time to this area.
When I look across the side yard, this little bed always makes me smile. It just looks so natural and pretty. I want to do the same around some other trees that we have but that will take a lot of work that I am not up to myself. I will need a lot of help with that project.

This is what I have left to plant.

And I have to get these "beauties" cleaned up, soaked, planted and rehung. That will get done probably over the weekend when I have help. I can do every thing but get them rehung by myself. They go up around our bay window. I don't have the plants for these yet.

Well, that is it. As you can tell my treatment did not slow me down any. It really does give me more energy every treatment.

Have a great day and I hope that you will do some kind act today for someone who needs it, whether that is just a kind word, a smile, holding a door open, picking up something that someone dropped for them, or giving of your time to help a friend get projects done that she can't manage by herself. Thanks Tina your sacrifice of your time and strength is greatly appreciated. I love you.

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