Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial day is a day of thanksgiving for our heros...

Here we are at Memorial day. The beginning of our summer celebrations. This is a day to remember all the sacrifices that our soldiers in every branch of military service have made to make and keep our country free. Many of our service members have not made it home to us for which we remember the sacrifice of life that they gave. Thank you for our freedom. Thank you for your service. I also want us to remember all of those who have come home. They also have given great service to our country and thankfully made it back home to family and friends who also made sacrifices during their abscence. This is a great country because of all the sacrifices that were made and will continue to be made to keep it that way. We all have our part in serving our country even if we don't don a uniform. I pray that you will continue to remember to be thankful for the great service these men and women have made for our country. Here are photos of my soldiers.

I have these pictures on my bulletin board in my home office. My 4 kiddos along with DD's husband. As you can see they represent different branches of our military. Here is DH and me, taken years ago, unfortunately my bulletin board photo got taken down for a news press release. DH is speaking today at one of the local Memorial Day celebrations and they needed his photo for the newspaper write up. So I had to dig for another photo of him in uniform.

Thank you, my dear family, for your sacrifice of your time, strength, talents and for your love of country and family. You are my heros.
I love you. Mom (Mum-for Kate.)

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