Thursday, May 31, 2012

Anniversaries and beauty...

Today is our 32nd wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary DH, I know you feel like we have been married for 52 LOL, but I pray that we do hit 52. We aren't guaranteed anything so we need to honor these days when we get them. I am doing that. The TV that DH ordered was to be delivered today but when the delivery company called to set up a time I told the gentleman that it couldn't be today because I would not be at home. DS and his girlfriend invited her mom and me to spend the day with them. I feel it is more important to spend time with family than sit around waiting all day for a tv to be delivered. It is important to chose people and relationships over things. These things that we have in our lives are to be used to foster and nurture relationships. So many times we get our focus on the wrong thing and get out priorities "twisted" around and it is easy to use people in order to get things. Let's not let that happen.

I was checking out the different flower beds around the house and have some photos of the latest bloomers. Enjoy. First up is this little clump of snap dragons that I don't even remember planting.

Just over top of this little clump of happiness is this beautiful peony.
I used to paint on silk when we lived in France and peonies were one of my favorite flowers to paint as there were so many petals and I could do a lot of shading and highlighting on all of those petals. So fun to do and they turned out magnificent. I had transplanted this one from the main peony bush and it is blooming this year and the other one isn't. It doesn't get enough sunlight so DS helped me transplant it this spring to a sunnier spot so next year I hope to see some blooms. Peonies are one of my favorite flowers.

Here is another of my favorite flowers, perhaps my favorite. Wisteria.

When we were transferred to France the 2nd time with the Navy, DH went house hunting without me as we had 4 little ones. it was not real easy to navigate around Paris with everyone and everything needed. He found us a house to rent outside of Paris. As we were driving up to the house DH said it might not be what I was hoping for in a place to live, but it would be big enough for us and as he pulled in the driveway I saw cute cottage style house with the eves dripping with wisteria blooms all across the front. I said I didn't care what the inside was like I was already in love. Funny story, the gardener came the next day and cut off all those beautiful blooms. I was so upset. That is perhaps when my love affair with wisteria goes back to.

Here is some sort of lily that is just in full bloom right now. I love these dainty little flower heads and of course I love purple so what's not to love.

I seem to love wispy droopy hangy types of plants and of course anything that is purple as I mentioned.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos and the stories that tell you why I love them so. I pray that you have a wonderful day. Remember to be thankful for something today. I am thankful for 32 years with DH. He is a wonderful man and has given me a life full of adventure and experiences that I could never have anticipated. Here is to another 32 years sweetheart.

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