Monday, December 17, 2012

A prayer...

In the wake of the tragedy that has captured the attention of our nation that occurred in Newtown Conneticut, I just want to share a prayer today. Our hearts are heavy while grieving for those lost children and teachers and at the same time if we allow it, fear can enter in and cause us to begin to look for answers through our government, the media, or our own flawed selves instead of living by faith and trusting in an Almighty God. If we believe that we can do a better job of caring for ourselves than God can, which is our daily state of affairs if we don't reliquish control of our daily lives to Him, then why do we look to Him to blame when horrible terrible things that are mankind's doing hit too close to home to ignore and cause us question how a good God can let such terrible things happen especially to the innocent children He left in our care? Besides Jesus being born into this world as a baby in a lowly manger, which we are preparing to celebrate in just a few days, the second greatest gift that God gave us was a free will. That means that we get to choose for ourselves what we do with our lives. Some people choose to help others, some people choose to abuse others and some people choose to make a name for themselves by the most brutal means and then take their own lives before we can get any answers to why they chose to do what they did. May this prayer be shared and begin to heal the wounds inflicted on us. The question today is what choices are you making everyday and what effect are they having on the lives of those around you? Perhaps we need to fight to get God back into our schools so that His protection can be with our loved babies while they are being taught about this wonderful freedom of choice they have. One person fought and won to get God expelled from school, perhaps we need to fight hard to get Him back in. It's our choice.

Dear Heavenly Father,

This morning as our children head off to school, we ask that you will keep them safe under your wing of protection. Lord we also ask that for those children who have been exposed to the news that you will keep their hearts and minds safe from fear.

We pray asking that these children would both feel and be protected by those in their care. For parents we ask that you open doors at this time that they might seek You as they are searching for stability in a messed up world. Times like these cause us to search for answers, Lord, and as we do I pray that we learn to lean on your wisdom and trust in Your sovereignty.

May we hold strong to the firm foundation that is built on faith in something so much more than this world has to give--the hope that you promise to all who believe.

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end.

In thy Son's name we pray.

This prayer came from Darlene has some wonderful insights if you want to read any of her recent posts since this tragedy has occured.

May you have a wonderful day and remember to think about what you choose to do today because it will impact your eternity in a huge way.

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