Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Baby quilt is almost finished...

I loaded the baby quilt on Lola yesterday morning and got the majority of it quilted. I have 2 outside borders to do and the inner dark brown border. The center area is all quilted. Here is a shot of the quilt before any quilting and the second photo is detail shot of the quilting in the center blocks and the bottom border.

I think it is really cute. I cut the squares out with my Accuquilt Go cutter and I didn't do very well getting the horses cut out. I cut off all of there heads. So I made sure I got a good horse for the corner stone blocks in the outside border. LOL. Well, I learned that I have to vary my strip cuts so that I get a more varied selection of blocks when the print is a scattered print rather than an all-over print. The die cutter makes cutting out quilt patches really fast and accurate. I cut out all the squares for this quilt in a matter of 15 minutes and it only took me that long because I was demonstrating the machine and what it does to Stephanie and then again to Dan. I was cutting 3 1/2" squares and there wasn't very much fabric waste at all either. I watched some Youtube videos last evening and got some more ideas on how to use the die cutters. I am excited to use it to do a little stash busting and maybe crank out some scrappy quilts or make some kits that can be made up into charity quilts. I am already thinking of some of the other dies that I want to add to my collection like the Dresden plate, the circle, the hexagon, some of the fancy flourishes that Ricky Tims has designed, oh there are so many but for now I am going to enjoy playing with the ones I have. I am going to have lots of fun with this.

I got highlights and lowlights put in my hair yesterday. I snapped a photo of myself which I find hard to do but here it is I hope you can see them.

Today I am going to finish the baby quilt. I have a customer coming over to pick up a few pieces. BTW, I finished the table runner for her. The quilting turned out really nice. (I am having trouble uploading a photo of this. Sorry.)
I am going to clean up the studio again. Every project that I work on causes such a mess in the studio. I have a project to do for Jeff once I get the baby quilt done. He bought a blanket that needs to be cut in half and the edges hemmed, so I want to get that done for him today.

Kate called yesterday and except for some heavy traffic leaving work she had a wonderful birthday. My baby is so grown up and living in Hawaii and traveling the world on her own. She is a beautiful strong young woman. I love you Kate.

I hope that you all are having a wonderful week in preparation of Jesus' birth. We all have so much to be thankful for and the birth of our Savior is the most precious gift we can receive at Christmas. Do not let others steal Christ out of your Christmas. Do not let political correctness take the very reason we celebrate this season out of the season. You wouldn't like to have a big party thrown for your birthday and then be told you weren't allow to attend it, would you? Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season and give Him the rightful spot in your plans and especially in your heart today. I love you all, Merry Christmas.

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