Friday, September 14, 2012

Some new work to share...

Yesterday, I did the online class work for Machine Quilting Negative Spaces. I needed another piece to add to my ceiling panel that was 2/3 of the way finished. So I got out my muslin and cut a piece to size and started quilting. This first photo shows using a row of large circles to make a breaking point where the quilting motif changes from circles on one side to swirls on the other
I have done swirls frequently but not this way and then to add pebbles (or circles) in between really breaks up the swirls and adds so much more dimension to the piece
I think that this was one of my favorites. The next one shows another of my favorite designs for the texture but I found myself getting very tense while quilting this one out which was unusual as it didn't require any back tracking or to be particularly careful with this one. It is a flower motif, it reminds me of a chrysanthemum.
By the time I finished this area of quilting which was approximately 15" by 35" I had to get my shoulders unattached from my ears. I was so tense that I kept drawing up my shoulders. Strange. I also had to stop every few minutes and make my self breathe deeply and to shake out my arms. I found myself holding my breath on this one.

Once I finished up that piece I had some lunch and took a break for a while and then worked on a customer quilt that I started the other day. I finished up the outside border after supper. Here it is.

And here is a detail shot of the quilting in the blocks.
I quilted this piece with Warm and Natural batting, and used So Fine #50 thread by Superior Threads in a very light beige color. It was a dream to quilt.

So now I have to load another quilt on Lola and get to quilting it. I am also working on some smaller things to take to the quilt show for the country store that we have. I need to decorate my shoes for the show also. We are to decorate a pair of shoes to put on display up on the stage and they are to represent our personality. Wait till you see what I have planned to do.

Well, have a great day and enjoy these beautiful days that we have been having. I am going to try to enjoy the great outdoors again with another walk at Lake Wilhelm.


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