Monday, September 17, 2012

Lots accomplished...

I have lots of photos of things that got accomplished over the weekend. First off, Friday morning, we had 4 visitors in our yard, up close and personal.
The 4th deer was rather elusive. I couldn't get him in the photos except for one I had his rump. The deer are frequently in our yard but we have never seen them this close to the house before.

Lots of quilting got done. Here are some photos of some pieces that will be donated to charity. I used them to practice my online lessons on.
This one I practiced swirls in the border.
The back detail gives the best overall view of the quilting.

This little piece was a 9 patch made of 4 patch blocks. Pretty cute.
I used a floral motif that resembles chrysanthemums for the outer border.
I quilted those two pieces on my DHM and this next piece I quilted on my longarm. I love the texture. This piece finished up the length that I needed for my 3rd ceiling panel.

On Saturday I went with Tina to a local quilt shop to help her spend her money that she won at the fair for having the Best of Show quilt and Judges choice quilt. She found some wonderful fabrics and goodies that she needed and I didn't buy a thing, except a linen table cloth at a local fleatique for $1.00.
Then we had lunch and stopped at a friends antique shop on the way home.

Once back home I put this quilt on Lola's frame so I could get started quilting it.
It is beautiful and it is getting me in the mood for Fall.
I am doing alternating fills in the stars triangles. Here are some detail shots of that.
I am doing repetitive lines in the star points to draw your eye in and out and then 2 different fills in the inner portions of the stars, the swirls in one and paisleys with circles in the other and alternating them.
Here is the border motif.

Last but not least, DH helped me hang my 3rd ceiling panel up. I am loving the texture on the ceiling and the cabana stripe effect that I am getting.
I also took a 50 minute walk at Lake Wilhelm with M-I-L. We ran into 4 people that I knew while on the walk. It was a beautiful evening, cool, sunny and peaceful.

I pray that you will all have a wonderful day and that you accomplish all that you desire. Be a blessing today to someone who needs a helping hand.

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