Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time to play...

Some people may say that is what I do all the time is play but it is hard work too. I am very fortunate to be able to do something that I love to do everyday as my work. I finished up this gorgeous quilt yesterday and am so pleased with the results.
There are 4 very large stars. I didn't measure them but they must be at least 36" each star. The colors have me so ready for fall. I love the texture that the quilting created. You can see the detailing of the quilting from the back better as it is a more solid background fabric.
When I flipped it up to check out the back for loose threads I was stunned by how beautiful the back was. This is one reason that I love whole cloth quilts so much. You get to see all that beautiful quilting without a lot of other stuff distracting the eye.

So I mentioned now it is time to play. Let me explain. I took an online class by Angela Walters on Craftsy.com and I have been enjoying it so much and I want a quilt to play with all the ideas that are floating in my head. So on Friday night I got the bright idea to use Angela's free quilt pattern that is offered with the class to create my own quilt using my hand dyed fabrics and especially one piece that was hand dyed, and bleach discharged using a fern leaf as a stencil. I am going to use my iced dyed fabric for the background of the quilt. The kicker is that I want to have this done to enter into our group's quilt show that is on the 29th. Ok that is 11 days away. I had to complete the quilting on the above mentioned quilt before I could start this new one for me. So today, I get to start the new quilt. I will try to do follow up posts this week on how and why I chose to do what and where on this quilt. So here we go with a challenge of can I get this quilt done by the 28th actually, because that is the day of set up for the show. I now have 10 days to complete this task. How many of you out there think I can do it and that it will be as phenomenal as I see it in my head? Let me know who out there thinks I can do it.

Have a great day and set yourself some goals that are going to stretch you and push you a little further than you think you can go or outside your comfort zone. Let me see a show of hands if you are ready for some growing and stretching.

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tina said...

without a doubt you can get-r-done in time.