Thursday, September 13, 2012

Taking time to appreciate what is around...

Today's post is going to be of things that I took time to notice while on my walk yesterday. Georgie is a good walking companion and we have been enjoying exploring the bike/walking path that goes around Lake Wilhelm. It is a beautiful paved trail that winds through the woods and around the lake for the most part.
There is a section that you have to walk/ride on the road but it is a remote road with not much traffic. I set myself at a pretty fast pace yesterday but I did stop along the way to get some pictures of a few of nature's beauty.

Beware of the catepillars. The trail is also a catepillar crossing. If you want to see a beautiful butterfly next year don't step on the catepillars.
There are a lot of these bat houses that can be seen along the trail. I am glad to say that I didn't see any of it's inhabitants. I think they were all inside having a slumber party.
At the end of my destination I took a little time to enjoy the lake and got some photos of the lake and facilities that can be taken advantage of.

They have public restrooms, I didn't bother taking a photo of, and picnic areas that are rather idealic. I must confess I have never had a picnic here but doesn't it look like a lovely spot to unwind with the family?

I took some photos of some of the wild flowers along the way.
It's getting close to the end of the season for the Queen Anne's lace but here were 2 little blooms standing all alone next to the path. Aren't they sweet?
And how about these lovely little wildflowers? Adorable?
Even the spiders leave their mark on the landscape.

Have a great day and enjoy your surroundings and take advantage of some of the free or not so free stuff that is available to do in your own neighborhoods or your backyard.

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