Friday, September 28, 2012

Set up day for the quilt show...

Today is the set up day for our quilt show which is tomorrow. Last evening, I went over to the grange to help set up the quilt racks. We were done in about an hour. It makes today go easier and faster with all the prep work done. Today we will be hanging all the quilts that come in. This is a full day and exhaution usually sets in before we are completely done but many hands make light work so it is all good. The fellowship that we have during these hours is awesome too. We don't get to see each other as often as we would like and this brings us all together for a short while to love and support each other.

Tomorrow will be the big day though. We have all the beautiful quilts to admire, friends to catch up with that come to the show every year, demonstrations of techniques that we have been working on over the past year and great food that is provided by the ladies of the grange. (We could smell vegetable soup cooking last night when we were setting up. Oh, yummy.) The pies are always wonderful too. Oh and of course we have our wonderful country store upstairs where the members of the group can sell their creations that they have made. We also have quilt store venders down stairs set up their wares for sale also. It is such a full and fun day all around.

Sunday, I am headed off to Chataqua, New York, with Tina, her mom and aunt and some other friends to partake of another quilt show. This weekend is full of fun quilty escapades. I will have lots of fun things to share with you come Monday and hopefully lots of wonderful photos of quilts and projects. This kicks off October which will be a very busy month for me. I was checking out my calendar schedule for Oct. and I have 15 days out of the 31 that are filled, plus I am taking another online fabric dyeing class, so that will require quite a bit of time and energy.

So now I am off to get myself ready for working hard. Have a great day and remember to do something kind for someone else.

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