Thursday, September 27, 2012

If the Shoe Fits...

If the Shoe Fits is the theme for our quilt show this weekend. You might remember back a while when I quilted and posted about the flip-flop quilt that is our raffle quilt. The stage will hold the quilt and will be decorated as a shoe store or perhaps as a woman's closet/dressing room. We start set up tonight of the frames that the quilts will hang on and then tomorrow is the real work of hanging all the quilts entered into the show. It takes all day to set up but we have mastered tearing everything down to 1 hour. The whole process is a lot of work but it is so much more fun than the work put into it. I get giddy just thinking about going to a quilt show. I get so inspired by all the beautiful quilts.

I don't have any quilts to share with you today but I do have my shoes that I altered for the show. If the Shoe Fits theme made me remember this idea that I saw on several years ago. I am sorry that I can't seem to get the link to link. Anyways, they have stuck in my mind. So here is my version of Christian Louboutin's Googly Eye shoes.
His version had multiple sizes of eyes all over open toed black heels. I found a pair of blackish/brown heels at a yard sale this summer for 50 cents. They were my size so I picked them up with a few other pairs of sandals but I had this in mind for these babies. I used size 7 mm eyes for the majority of the shoe and filled in with 5 mm ones along the edge where the others were too big. I used E6000 adhesive. Use in a well ventilated area. I left the heel as it was.
They make a really cool sound when you walk and all the little eye balls wiggle. I am excited to wear them but not on Saturday. They will be on display.
When I was working on this pair I could have done 2 rows around the bottom and just left them at that. They were so elegant looking that I was really tempted to quit there. So I might have to find me another pair of shoes to try that out on. They almost looked like lace on the bottom edge.

By the way, the original pair had a hefty price tag of $1595.00 Yes sirree, I made my pair for less than $10.00 including the shoes themselves.

So what is on your feet and what kind of statement are they saying about you? I think my shoes say "Be happy and don't take yourself too seriously."

I hope you have a wonderful day and remember to lighten up a little and enjoy life as it is given to you.

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