Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finishing up...

There are only 2 photos to share of the quilt today. I do have it off the frame and today will be spent doing some detail work that I did not feel comfortable doing on the longarm. So the big reveal is still to come.

This first photo shows tiles. Angela Walters taught this on the SewCalGal freemotion quilting challenge several months ago and she also demonstrated it in the Craftsy.com class Machine Quilting Negative Spaces. It is a fun motif for large background spaces.
The great thing with this motif is that you can fill the tiles with any background fill that you like and you can change motifs as often as you like. It also gives structure to the background. It keeps a simple all over design from becoming monotonous quickly, not only to stitch out but to look at also.

This is the bottom of the quilt. I was happy to see that last roll of the bars that brought me to the space to add my large circles and repetitive lines to finish it off. I marked a line about 6" from the bottom of the quilt before loading it so that I would have a visual reminder where I wanted to put the circles.
I like the look and the feel of the texture of the repetitive lines. It is wash board like and to have the softness of the large circles to separate the rest of the quilting motifs from the straight lines gives it a lot of visual interest.

Today's plan is to finish up the detail work, apply the binding so I can have some handwork to do in the evenings and make a label to also apply. I started work on this quilt last Tuesday. I will have it done for the show on Saturday and I am pretty pleased with the results. You will have to return to see the final reveal.

Have a great day and remember to work hard and finish up those projects that are otherwise taking up space in your home and in your mind.

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