Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dirt, glorious dirt...

Yesterday was a perfect day to be outside working in the yard. It wasn't too hot, the sun was shining beautifully and a cool breeze was blowing. The perfect day to get started on moving 10 and 1/2 ton of DIRT. Do you know what 10 1/2 tons of dirt looks like all in one pile? Well, here you go, this is what it looks like.

First of all, I had to get ready by cutting out lots of undergrowth that surrounded 2 of the 4 trees. Here is a photo of the most over grown tree.
So I got that all cut out and picked a wagon load of rocks out from around the one tree that became the dumping ground for the rocks we came across when we plowed up the ground to put in a garden in years past. Do you like my rocks? I think I can find some beauties in this pile to incorporate into my stacked stone statues.

When DH got home from his meeting and we had lunch, we went out and he trimmed some of the lower branches from the trees through out the yard not just in my little area that I am working on. We have a nice pile of branches in the fire ring that will dry and be a nice bonfire later on in the summer. I even cut down a fairly good sized branch that was shading a dogwood tree too much, all by myself.

I went back out after supper and started spreading the top soil around. I would say that I got about 1/2 of what has to be moved done. I will be heading out again as soon as I finish this post before it gets too hot. I think I will need at least one more truck load (10 ton) to completely finish the job. I would like to get the rest by the end of the week so that means I have to get all of this spread out as fast as possible. Tina is coming over this evening to bring me rocks and help me plant some of my grasses that I got at the auction, if I am ready to plant by then.

On a sweeter note, I am pleased with how my window boxes have filled out since planting them and getting them hung back up.

My to do list is getting longer. I have added 2 fabric dyeing days for quilt groups for this summer. I have to get organized and purchase supplies for that. I need to send in my registration for a quilt retreat in the fall that Tina and I are going to.
I also have to get to work and get some customer quilts done. I haven't quilted in like 3 weeks. So enough procrastinating. I am off now to the yard and moving more dirt, when I come back in I will get to my sewing studio and work on another t-shirt quilt.

Have a great day, do something kind for someone else and remember to be thankful for all your many blessings.

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