Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The unexpected

Have you ever had one of those days? I am starting out with one and it is only 7:15AM. My alarm didn't go off on my phone this morning. I don't know why it didn't work. It is set, everything looks right but it didn't go off. So what that isn't a big deal, right? Well, it not. Not in the big scheme of things. I just can't follow my normal routine and therefore I feel out of sorts. How often does that happen to you and what do you do about it. Do you just chuck the rest of the days plan and schedule or do you get back on board as quickly as you can and save the day. My first inclination this morning was to climb back into bed. How dumb would that have been. I would have been even further behind than before. I need to change my game plan in the middle of the game and not get stuck in a rut that won't move me forward.

I have found that I can't give my best to the day until I have given my worst to the Lord. Now that might sound to you that I am not giving 100% to God but that is where you are wrong. You see I am giving 100% to Him. I am giving to Him my lack of desire to get out of a nice warm bed, I am giving to Him my selfishness, my greed, my desires and wishes. I am giving Him all of me so that He can give me more of Him. Then with Him at the helm I can trust that the day will go in the direction that He desires. I can be changed from the selfish sinful person that I am into the image of Christ who always responded to everyone's cries for help. So I give my worst to Him so that He can give me His best. That is a pretty good exchange. Go to any place of business and ask for an exchange like that. What will they say or do for you? Nothing. God has a pretty good exchange rate. He is an amazing God. If you haven't had any dealings with Him perhaps you should consider it. He truly wants to give you everything good for your everything bad. We have choices everyday and at some point we need to make some good ones.

I hope you day is spectacular. I know mine will be because He is in charge. Be kind to someone else and be grateful for something that disrupts your day.

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