Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to normal schedule

This is the 3rd of January and I feel that this is the first day of normal routines beginning again after the holidays. Yesterday was Monday but it was still a day off for most businesses and schools. Today everyone is back to work and down to business.

Prime Timers meet again today at the church. I need to prepare a schedule for them so they can know what we will be doing when we meet this month. It has been a lot of fun leading this group. We had a lot of snow last night so I am wondering if the group will be small today or if they are brave enough to come out in spite of the snow.

I worked on a t-shirt quilt yesterday, I didn't get too far. I know how I want to proceed but I need to get some fabric to use to piece the t-shirts together. The customer wanted black or gray for this and I have a small piece of fabric that I think would be fabulous but not near enough for the entire top so I will have to go to Jo-Ann Fabrics before I can go any further. I did stuff a pillow that goes with the quilt yesterday. I also worked on getting projects and supplies ready for a retreat I will be attending in a couple of weeks. I am going to try to plan better this year and not let things like this overwhelm me.

My plans for this week, the good Lord willing, will be to get the t-shirt quilt top put together. Register for a week end class on pieced landscapes with Cynthia England. Type up a schedule for Prime Timers. Clean off and organize my office desk. I think that will be quite enough for one week along with all the other normal stuff that must be kept up with. One other thing, I am trying to break my caffeine habit so my goal this month is to make water my beverage of choice. It seems I can't just drink one glass of tea a day, I drink about a gallon. Not good. So we shall see how these plans progress over the week. Photos of things to come.

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