Friday, January 6, 2012

Hawaii or not?

I am excited about the possibility to go to Hawaii for a drawing and quilt workshop in February. I am planning on going there anyways to see DD who was transferred there in November for her job. I found out about this workshop just this week and it is with a quilt artist, Esterita Austin, that I have longed to take a class with for quite some time. There is also a 2 day workshop with a fabric dyer there that does all the hand dyeds for Esterita. It feels like really short notice to me though and I am not sure if I can manage it. Originally, I was planning on going in March or April. So I am just not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

I got many of my errands done yesterday except for getting to Joann's. I need to get there today if possible. I plan on finishing the baby quilt today and then if I have time and energy I will go to Joann's. This headache that I have been suffering with has taken a lot out of me but I feel pretty good this morning so hopefully I can get back into full work mode.

This is a short post today as I want to get right to work while the motivation is good.

Have a great day, be kind today and be grateful for all you have even if you think that it's not much. You have this day to make the most of.

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