Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Projects from weekend

I promised to tell you more about the weekend retreat and I have pictures to show you of the projects that I worked on. I was really pleased with every thing that I was able to accomplish. I never would have gotten this much done here at home in the same amount of time. First of all I want to share that we were well taken care of and there were plenty of activities to participate in and a lot of goodies for snacking on. The Kon-O-Kwee Quilters have been doing this for 20 years so they have it well organized and laid out. Between the table favors left at our places at meal times and our Secret Sisters we came home with a boat load of great gifts. Just check it out, (I am sure I probably forgot something as I was gathering them all for this photo shot)
One thing that I know is not in the photo are the slippers that go with the bathrobe. Yes they gave each person a bathrobe with slippers, and the logo was embroidered on the bathrobe. How classy is that?

On to some of the projects that I got done. My first project was to make Steeler's pillowcases for my son for his birthday and new apartment.
I made 2 sets, he was so impressed. He likes the idea of having the home color set for home games and the away colors for away games. Do you think he will actually change them that often? Of course he doesn't have to worry about that till next season.

The next project was just something I had thrown into my bin in case I finished everything else. I am not really pleased with the piece, it was from an online class I took, but I figured I might as well finish the quilting since it was this far along. I did get about half of it quilted. So I will get it done. The quilting is making it.

So that is it for today. It will take me all week to post everything so keep tuning in for the rest.
I hope you have a wonderful day and remember to do something kind for some one and be grateful for something or someone in your life. I am grateful that my wallhanging I made for the Thread Tails to Vapor Trails show came home yesterday. More on that later, next week perhaps.

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