Thursday, January 26, 2012

Final post on quilt retreat

I have a couple more photos of the projects that I worked on last weekend. I love to collect antique/vintage linens. I find them at antique shops, yard sales, and friends give them to me at times. I found this cute little round battenberg lace table topper at our church's rummage sale last December. I got it for 50 cents. Great deal. I layered it over one of my hand dyed fabrics due to the open work after marking this beautiful wreath stencil pattern on it. There is another piece of beautiful hand dyed on the back as well so this piece can be reversible. I quilted the main motifs with a yellow thread and I will quilt a background fill design in white thread so that the background will recede and the rest will pop.

Here is a detail of the center.
I haven't decided yet what the background fill will be so I will think about that for a few days till I am inspired.

My last project is a 2 for 1 deal. I have had this pattern for some time and finally decided that I neede to make it or get rid of the pattern. It is a fusible applique design of positive and negative dragonflies. If cut out very carefully you will get 2 wallhangings out of the design. This type of project is not hard but it does require patience and careful cutting. When I was laying this out I tried to use the wrong side of my background fabric for variety but found that it looked washed out and not in a good way. So can you see the positive and negative motifs?

The contrast is not quite strong enough and the background is pretty busy so I am thinking that once it is quilted I will add some shading to the edges of the cut designs.

Remember to be grateful for something or someone in your life and do something kind for someone else today, (me-I offered to quilt some quilts being made for a family that was burned out of their home this past week, I am grateful that I can do this for them.)

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